The Magic of Chick Lit

Reading. It’s all about escapism, isn’t it? Being transported to another place, another time, another reality. The author takes you by the hand and leads you along to show you an event that wouldn’t ordinarily happen to you. If they’re good enough they’ll push you in there, you will become the lead, the hero or heroine, the protagonist. Imagine that, it could happen to you!
Personally,  I think this is part of the pull of my favourite genre, chick lit. Oh no, I hear you groan, somebody switch my brain off now before the light, cotton wool textured bubble gum that is chick lit, envelops me. But think about it. It’s easy because it’s not the biggest stretch of the imagination. You just have to take a slight sidestep to slide into the comfy shoes of the protagonist to allow you to laugh, cry and fall in love as them. And that’s what these little pieces of genius are for me-a portal into a similar but fantastically magical, witty, romantic life. Yeah baby, I’m there.
Ever since Marian Keyes delivered Rachel’s Holiday, I knew I was hooked. Sign me up. But, hold on, there’s something we need to talk about. Houston, we have a problem. The name ‘chick lit’ is being phased out. It’s part of the ‘women’s fiction’ classification now, and, if you are to mention it, then please whisper! The first time I told someone (with a proud, content smile) that I was writing a book called ‘It Started With a Snub,’ I was told not to worry, maybe the next one would be the Booker prize candidate. I had no answer. Now, of course, I’d give them my spiel and tell them how I read nearly all genres, enjoy most of them regularly so I don’t get stuck to one but inevitably it’s the book which will deliver many a comedic punch followed by the ultimate question: ‘who will she choose, a or b?’ that has me running to the checkout. So the Booker thing? No thanks, I’m happy just making people smile.
It seems chick lit has become the new fifty shades-something to be smuggled out of the library for fear of somebody seeing you-‘this old thing? Somebody got it for me, I’d never have chosen it myself’. If there’s so much as a happy ending in sight then forget it. And no twist? I mean what was that person doing writing the damn thing anyhoo?
Because we want to be ‘well read,’ we want to be intelligent and have something to say … And apparently that shouldn’t be ‘just the way you are’ (taken from Bridget Jones-some of you may have been dragged to the cinema to hide behind your hand as it played-please don’t admit to having READ this book).
But I want to tell you not to worry. There are still chick lit bloggers out there who’ll help you wade through the murky waters of modern literature to find the gems-the books that make you laugh out loud, smile to yourself, say aww. There can be twists, and misery and tension. Look, there’s nothing to stop you trying Ulysses or Proust, Tolstoy or Wilde. How about this: You pick the books you want to read, any genre, and I’ll try to help you choose the ones you didn’t know existed but which will satisfy any remaining comedy or romance needs you have. Let’s call it, adding to the lighter side of your ‘To Be Read’ pile. Deal?


5 thoughts on “The Magic of Chick Lit

  1. Still not planning on reading anything remotely “chick lit” any time soon – except for your book of course – but I really enjoyed your first blog!

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  2. That’s so true – the side-step into a life similar to ours might be a little comfy for highbrow tastes, but everyone secretly prefers the comfy shoes to the tight formal ones which we keep having to take off. Longevity is in chick-lit. It’s just as much a mirror held up to society as an achingly long tome on the futility of almost everything. Great blog, looking forward to more.

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