One and Done by Lisa Bevilacqua


The Blurb: The year is 2009. I’m a very young 37 years old, and I live in the trendy Chicago neighborhood of Lincoln Park. I am, what most people would call, a “Trixie”, due, in part, to my pedigree, as well as the geographic area in which I reside. I am an attorney, but I’ve paid my dues, no longer having to work those ridiculous young-associate hours.

I have officially been “on the market” now for about 3 years since the demise of my marriage. Given that my traditional dating routine was clearly being met with utter disappointment, hurt feelings, and out-and-out failure, I decided that a pre-emptive strike was in order.

This is the story of One and Done. It unfurls the master plan I hatched in order to start dating smarter and more efficiently. Well, truth be told, I just wanted to stop meeting douche bags who were not right for me from the very beginning, yet for whatever reason, I proceeded to date them regardless! Hence, the need for a tactical strategy arose….

My plan entailed drastically cutting down the amount of dates I would go on with each guy. Down to just one. Yes, that’s it. One date per guy only. Ever. And my plan was to have as many first dates with as many men as possible, for a maximum of one full year.

So, before I met him, before he uttered his first words to me, before he even asked me out, I met my date with the stagnant, preconceived notion that I’d never see him again after our one and only encounter. A true reversal of the legal theory of innocent until proven guilty. My date was culpable by default, until and unless he could establish he was not the jerk I presumed him to be.

Armed with this plan, I went on a total of 43 dates in four months. All of them One and Done. Lucky number 43 changed the course of my plan — and my life — forever!

“One and Done” recounts some of the most memorable dates leading up to, and including, my final One and Done, and they are nothing short of entertaining. Through flashbacks, there is insight into my past, and the many reasons (i.e., men) which led me to the decision to begin to date this way. “One and Done” is peppered with tangential tales involving my female comrades, as they see me through this admittedly off the wall approach to dating!

The Review:

Thanks so much to the author Lisa Bevilacqua for the review copy of this, I was so honoured to receive it! And a big hello too, because Lisa is so lovely!

Anyhoo, down to business. This book was very different to anything I’d ever read. It was basically, in my mind anyway, an autobiography, but written in the manner of a fiction story (which makes it quite difficult to review, when you think of it, because you’re talking about situations that actually happened and people who really exist!). This, along with the fact that it had an American voice (there was a Carrie Bradshaw type commentary – Sex and The City is in fact mentioned in the book so this comparison is, in my eyes, acceptable) as opposed to Irish or British, which would be my usual choices, made it all new, and took a little bit of getting used to, though the descriptions were quite good, especially since I wouldn’t know the setting.

It opens with Lisa, an attorney that lives in Chicago, newly single, post-divorce, at 37 years old. And so begins the age-old journey of the singleton, back with single friends, not quite as close to the couples her and her ex-husband used to socialise with, when they all partied together in pairs.

The theory behind One and Done (as I understand it) is that men have notions about a woman before they’ve even spent a few minutes with her. They know where it’s going to go, and how long it will last, and so One and Done was going to flip that on its head, with Lisa already having decided that one date would be all that was allowed.

The dates, to be honest, might have showed up the gaps between what different peoples’ expectations of men are, because, where Lisa was saying that a date had gone terribly, or that a guy was acting like an idiot, I have to be honest, I didn’t think that it was a big deal. This could be just me, or it could be an Irish thing – I’m not sure. As a result of this, and also as a result of being led a little, ie being told how bad or brilliant something would be before it happened, I found it a bit more difficult to empathise, but still found it enjoyable. The only other thing I would say would be that a tighter edit might be needed, there were a few little issues that cropped up along the way.

Pacing was good, when your attention started to drift a gem of a sentence or phrase would jump in there that would pull you back and make you chuckle.

All in all, not what I’m used to, but great for people who like their ‘Sex in the City,’ ‘The City’ or ‘Taking New York.’

Rating 3.5/5

About Lisa (In her own words!)

In terms of bio, since the book is about me, you can get a lot of that when you read it!!!


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