Valentine’s Day at The Star and Sixpence by Holly Hepburn


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What they say: Fall in love at the Star and Sixpence this Valentine’s Day….

Love is in the air as sisters Nessie and Sam prepare for Valentine’s Day at their newly renovated pub, The Star and Sixpence. They have a star chef winging her way from London to cook a very special Valentine’s Day dinner, for all the couples in the village.

But as sparks fly in the kitchen, will love bloom in The Star and Sixpence? A romantic short story, perfect for fans of Cathy Bramley and Scarlett Bailey.


The Review: To start this is the second in the Star and Sixpence Series. I would say it can be read as a stand alone though there’s definitely some big things to come so I’d say go for the whole series!

I had been looking forward to the arrival of this short story since I read ‘Snowdrops at the Star and Sixpence‘ at Christmas time and I was not disappointed. We return to the small village of Little Monkham, which is home to their charming ‘sixteenth century coaching inn,’ The Star and Sixpence, to join Sam and Nessie, who, at Christmas time, had moved into said establishment after they inherited it from their late, absent father, and we find them in the midst of all the bustle of preparations for a Valentine’s night event. Obviously, given that this is a short story and not a novella, there wasn’t the amount happening that was in the first book (a novella) and I was sorry for this, I could easily have done with a novella instead, but that’s just me, more will appreciate the length and content of this.

All in all, I soon jumped back into everything, looking forward to seeing what was happening with Joss, Owen, Ruby, Frannie and all the villagers. The short story flew by in a series of the fuzzy, warm, welcoming descriptions that Holly Hepburn does so beautifully and my interest was definitely piqued enough to, again, be anticipating the next installment ‘Summer at the Snowdrop and Sixpence’ (there were a few suggestions in this story as to where the pub could go as well as some mysteries still not divulged so bring it on!). I’d definitely recommend, and if possible, given the weather for those on this side of the world, I’d say even go for the first in this series too, the Christmas one, as it’s not top heavy on the festiveness, it’s there but the story will easily take you through as it’s not quite Summer yet! At this very moment (13th February) Valentine’s Day at the Star and Sixpence is FREE ON AMAZON so make sure to treat yourself!

Rating: 4/5


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