The Treachery of Trains by Sylvia Ashby


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What they say: Sky has made an abominable mistake at work. Something so awful she doesn’t dare stay in the HR office of XIM Technics for fear of being lynched by her colleagues.

So she gets on a train…

What happens when it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year?

Sky Candy is about to find out.

The Review:  ‘The Treachery of Trains’ is listed on Amazon as a romantic comedy, but I have to admit, I wish I had a better categorisation for it, because it’s a different type of romantic comedy. This is the book for which women’s fiction was created for, one of those books that has romance and comedy in it aplenty, but also has traveling and craft beers, and stunning artistic descriptions, with more than a hint of edginess and darkness to it. There were times it reminded me of a light thriller as you moved along with Sky wandering along, not sure what to do after her calamity of a mistake. The mistake, and Sky’s working environment was brilliant, and for a while I forgot it was to change as I settled in nicely to the day to day ups and downs of a HR manager in a large firm.

We also got to see Sky in her home state, existing day to day, not really living, with hints into her life as a child which were both tragic and heartwarming and this was where the light dimmed a little, without at all affecting my enjoyment of the book. The comedy was Grade A, totally up my street, catching you unaware just when you needed it, such as Sky’s first encounter with a guy who was trying to help her, which culminated in him being locked out of his apartment and her inadvertently doing the same as she tried to help him back. And Sky was always trying to help. I think this book was possibly the best selfless heroine I have come across in some time, with a nice balance of self disbelief coupled with some lovely subtle shows of how she’s always looking out for other people, without us being belted over the head with it. The characters were brilliant, in particular her aunt and uncle, and then there was her Mum, the artist:

“I told her how I used my mum’s favourite lipstick to draw on her best silk scarf one afternoon while she was taking a nap. When she woke up she looked at the ruined lipstick and scarf, ripped a proper painting out of its frame and put the scarf in its place. ‘This is not your best work, Sky, but it’s your first. It deserves recognition,’ my Mum said.'”

All in all I adored this book. I loved the descriptions, the feeling that you didn’t know where it was going, the fact that it was light enough to be a rom com, but dark enough to not be, the twists, the turns, the love interest (who was perfection), the egos, the attitudes, mixed in with the sweetness and homeliness. Thanks so much to the author for this book in return for an honest review and I’m off to look into ‘Pot Love,’ her first book.






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