Author Interview: Rosa Temple: Natalie’s Getting Married


Hi Rosa! So I had to start by telling you that I enjoyed this so much and was really sorry when it ended. I knew from the blurb it was going to be a goodie, but never guessed the many places it could go. Before I hop along and start to ask questions, can you tell me a little bit about ‘Natalie’s Getting Married’ in your own words?

Well this what I call my ‘feel good’ novel. But, like you say, it goes to many different places and not all of them are ‘feel good’. Natalie’s journey to find her happy ever after means she had to cry a few tears and kiss a few frogs along the way. It’s the story of a girl becoming a woman and trying to find her happy place in terms of her work, family, social and love life.

I’d love to know how much of the book was planned from the start: So you have multiple love stories in here, did you know they were all going to happen, or did your characters decide to mix things up a little?

I started with a seed of an idea. And though I thought I would be writing a convoluted romantic comedy, I was actually writing a coming of age story too. So, yes, a lot of things surprised me, not only in the characters choosing to do their own thing, but because of the plot twists that just needed to happen.

Jackson’s mother wasn’t very fond of Natalie, did you think it was a class thing or was nobody going to be good enough for her little boy?

In my mind it always about class. Mind you I think Mrs Humphries was in a class of her own. I’m sure if Natalie came from the ‘right’ family, she would have been happy (well I’d like to think so).

There are some gorgeous friendships in the book (Bella, Alissa and Gabriel were brilliant), did they take you by surprise or did you know they were going to happen?

There was one friendship I planned from the start – and that was the one between Natalie and Gabriel. I never knew that Bella would have such a big role to play but she was the perfect vehicle to show us who Natalie was. In a lot of respects, the same could be said of Alissa. Both Alissa and Bella are opposites to Natalie and you wonder how they’d ever get on. But somehow it works and, despite their faults, they’re a lovely bunch of people.

What did you think of Gabriel and Natalie’s friendship, did you think that any prospective partners had a right to be jealous of them?

In many ways, I could see how prospective partners could be jealous. The two of them were so close. They were the type you’d imagine shared ‘in jokes’ that no one else got. They hugged each other and slept over at each other’s houses. And though their relationship was purely platonic, a partner might find that hard to understand.

Can you tell us about Margie McGee (no spoilers)? Is the whole dress shop experience based on real life?

When I got married I went to a discount wedding suppliers in North London. My wedding was very small and done on a budget. My husband’s suit was more expensive than my dress, which is unheard of! But I remember that shop and how the dress I wore was perfect for me. Sadly there wasn’t a Margie McGee at the place I bought my dress. Margie was a made up character who in my head looked like Edna Mode in The Incredibles.

That is absolutely brilliant, she really is! Now there’s an image that’ll stick:) One more question: I loved Gabriel’s success, did you enjoy writing it?

As a writer just starting out I love the idea of a writer doing really well. I could have made him a struggling artist, like the rest of us, but I’m secretly in love with Gabriel and think he deserves to have been successful. He was a really great writer anyway.

(I was secretly rooting for him all along;)) Well, thanks so much for dropping by, Rosa, really, really enjoyed having you over:)


Rosa Temple author pic

About the author (she says it best herself on her website here, so enjoy!:))




Rosie’s Novella ‘Sleeping with your best friend’ on Amazon

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