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What they say: Every bride wants a perfect wedding and that includes Georgina Winters. Amy Perfect is the crème de la crème of wedding planners so who best to plan Georgina s wedding… except the man Georgina plans to marry is the same man who jilted Amy three years ago. Will her plan to give Georgina the most imperfect wedding backfire on her? Is this the chance for Amy to win back the love of her life, or will insufferable Ben Garret put a spanner in the works? Arab princes, spoilt brides and wedding catastrophes make Perfect Weddings a page-turning romantic comedy that will keep you guessing until the very last page.

The Review: You probably know by now that I’m a bit of a sucker for chick lit wedding books. I generally devour them and have yet to find one that I haven’t enjoyed. This book is no exception. First off can I bring the above invitation to your attention? Isn’t it just gorgeous? The invite is of course to ‘Perfect Weddings,’ which is the story of Amy, who describes herself as someone who has “mousy brown hair” and “is twelve stone ten and counting” and ready to marry her ‘prince,’ the charismatic Greg . From  the start of the book I was taken with Amy, and leapt straight into the wedding and general excitement, which turned out to be short lived. The wedding itself was perfection, planned to every detail, complete with Amy, beaming as the expectant bride to be. I grinned my way through the first part of this book, happy that I’d clicked with her. I actually laughed out loud in places, getting some curious looks from the girl next to me on the bus.

There is a before and after part to this story which is expertly managed. There was a definite way to see the changes in Amy before and after and when they overlapped I never once found it confusing. The only thing was, in this case, that with the changes came a different personality and I regularly missed the ‘old’ Amy, lamenting the fact that I could find no trace of her in the new and ‘improved’ version. The only other problem I had was that I found at times that the book read oddly, but then I’m terrible for trying to edit as I go, changing words around and adding and subtracting to the dialogue, even when the book is well edited.

The story itself was brilliantly done, with some great romance, twists and turns and in particular some shockers that I definitely didn’t expect and applauded. The comedy was right up my street and will definitely drive me to some of Ms. Renham’s other books. There were some great characters that I warmed to instantly and some epic wedding descriptions that conjured up vivid beautiful imagery and placed me firmly at each of ‘Amy’s’ weddings. May is chick lit month and I think this is one to look out. Extremely enjoyable:) Thanks so much to the author for the book in return for an honest review.

Rating: 4/5

Tune in tomorrow for an author interview with the great Lynda Renham and Friday for my review of Rory’s Proposal which I’m looking forward to devouring tonight!

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‘Perfect Weddings’


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