Rory’s Proposal by Lynda Renham


What they say: When 29-year-old Flora Robson reversed her car into Tom’s Audi she had no idea who he was. Only after she has started to fall in love with him does she discover the gorgeous blue-eyed Tom is the man who is trying to close down her hairdressing business. It seems that Tom will stop at nothing to get what he wants, but Flora is not giving in to anyone. Can she win the battle against her multimillionaire enemy or will her feelings for him get in the way? Follow Flora’s hilarious journey of love, hot chocolate and marshmallows, and the man who changes everything.

The Review: Following a great interview with Lynda Renham, author of many great chick lit books including ‘Perfect Weddings‘ which I reviewed on Wednesday, I have to tell you about ‘Rory’s Proposal,’ which I DEVOURED over the last two days. This review was supposed to be up yesterday, I’m afraid, but there’s times when you get so into a book that instead of firing on to the finish line to see what happens, you simply want to savour it. THIS is one such book. I’ll get the cons out quickly so that I can move onto the gushing bit. There was (whispers) bad language in it, just an ickle bit, and a few slightly (whispers again) rude bits, but they were appropriately placed and so didn’t make me cringe or anything but if you don’t like that sort of thing (I’ve had emails reminding me to put this in my reviews) then you’ve been forewarned. As well as this, there were times when I was slightly editing in my head as I read. It wasn’t that it was badly edited, there was just slight repetition in places and I felt that some of the characters could have been toned down, just a little bit. This was only with the ‘baddy characters.’

Okay (rolls up sleeves). Now for the fun bit. I loved this book. I really, really loved it. There was something homely about it, I don’t mean the descriptive, there’s a fire lighting and cows in the meadow sort of thing, I mean in the ‘it could happen to anybody’ way (I’m sure I’ve said all this before and I apologise if I have!). The characters in general were brilliantly done and brought with them some great colour and comedy. The comedy was right up my street and the ‘battle’ was fantastic, with some great ‘smile out loud’ moments and times I became properly excited for what was to come. Flora was a brilliant character, no matter how bad things were for her she made you smile as she did with all around her. Tom was perfect, I couldn’t work him out and that’s what led to the mystery that made this a page turner for me. The romance was exquisite, Flora’s eating habits brilliant, her team for the fight and their meetings both hilariously done and perfect and the climax wonderful. All in all one I owuld definitely recommend for people to take a look at in particular for chick lit month. Highly recommended.

Rating: 5/5

Note: As always the image leads you to a universal buy link. I’d at least tell you to go and look inside, you won’t regret it!


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