Extract: My Kind Of Perfect (Book 3 in the Friends Like These series) by Hannah Ellis

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Hi everyone! Just wanted to share an extract from My Kind of Perfect,’ the third book in the ‘Friends Like These’ series by Hannah Ellis, which I reviewed yesterday (see review here.)

Please note, as always, that the cover image leads to a universal buy link for Amazon.

The Extract:

“Well, I won’t be dancing at work.” I managed to keep a straight face as I watched Jason shimmy up to Anne with some dirty dancing moves. “It’s very unprofessional if you ask me.”

“Told you!” Anne said to Jason.

“Told him what?” I asked with the distinct feeling that I was walking into a trap.

“I said there’s no way you’d dance. I know you so well. It’s okay! Some people aren’t as good at letting go as others.”

“I said I bet you had some moves,” Jason winked at me.

“I do, as it happens!”

“Prove it,” he challenged. The song ended, and as the next song kicked in, I reluctantly rose from my chair and began an awkward dance toward the middle of the room. Anne gave a little cheer and moved towards me, shaking her shoulders so that her sizeable bosom bounced in front of her. I did a little twirl in order to move away from her, and laughed at how ridiculous my morning was. I relaxed and found myself getting lost in the music, suddenly not caring that I looked like an absolute lunatic. I let myself go and it could easily have been a Saturday night on a sticky dance floor somewhere.

I laughed out loud as I stepped up onto the chair and then my desk. Technically, Anne and I shared a desk. It was one long table, which curved down the length of the room like a wave. Anne and Jason cheered me on and I danced my heart out, strutting my stuff along the entire length of the desk. I was flinging my arms around wildly when I noticed Greg standing in his office doorway, watching me. His arms were folded against his chest and one eyebrow was slightly raised. Greg was a serious sort of guy but he was also a big softie. I knew I wouldn’t be in any trouble with him but he could definitely put an end to the fun with just a look.

Jason moved to stop the music as Greg’s presence killed the atmosphere, and I was left feeling slightly awkward as I stood on the desk looking down. Greg’s stern expression didn’t change as he held out his hand and passed a five pound note to Jason who then turned to high-five Anne.

“He didn’t think I could get you to dance,” Jason beamed at me.

“I argued that you were far too professional to dance at work.” Greg remained unsmiling as he looked up at me. 

“It’s because I’m so dedicated that I did it!” I protested. “I was totally against the idea but Jason told me about the article about increased productivity…” I glared at Jason as I stepped down from the desk. “You made all that up didn’t you?”

I went back to my chair as he and Anne collapsed into fits of giggles.  

“I only did it to improve productivity,” I repeated to Greg who was still hovering.

“So you think you could be more productive?” he looked at me seriously.

“No! Of course not… but…” I realised I was digging myself a hole so I stopped talking and turned on my computer. “See, I’ve got work to do. I’m not standing around giggling like some people.” I glared at Anne and then looked up to see the corners of Greg’s mouth twitching before he disappeared into his office at the back of the shop.

“You were right,” Jason grinned at me. “You do have some moves!” He snorted as he re-enacted some of my dance moves, making Anne even more hysterical.

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