My Kind Of Perfect (Book 3 in the Friends Like These series) by Hannah Ellis

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What they say:People-pleaser Marie has a lot to contend with:

• Her fiancé Brian is a workaholic who mysteriously snubs his family
• Her best friend Grace is being demanding and unreasonable
• Her wedding plans are non-existent
• She’s accidentally acquired a personal trainer

Despite all this, Marie manages to stay upbeat. Thankfully she has her Fat Club friends to keep her entertained with things like wedding crashing and piggyback races.

Can Marie fix her friendship with Grace, solve everyone’s problems and have a perfect wedding? What is the perfect wedding anyway?

Please note that although My Kind of Perfect is the third book in the Friends Like These series, it can also be read as a standalone novel.

The Review: There’s a lot of phrases thrown about in relation to books that people don’t think are literary-they’re fluffy, bubblegummy, not too taxing on the brain. You will find these descriptions in reviews that accompany a 2 or 3 star read, but I’ve always wondered why they’re in these reviews as opposed to a 4 or 5 star. I shake my head (and sometimes my fist;)) at such reviews. If I was to sit down after a long day the first thing I look for is as described above (fluffy, bubblegummy, not too taxing on the brain). This relates to both books and television. And why not? Gilmore Girls, Bridesmaids, Die Hard (s;)). THESE are not too taxing on the brain and they’re perfection! It means they’re comfortable, and you’ll sit through the whole thing, and THESE descriptions are how I’d describe My Kind Of Perfect (I got there in the end, sorry about that!)

Now this is book 3 of the ‘Friends like These’ series, and unfortunately I missed book 2 as it was a Christmas one (albeit a novella so I should really have read it, I may go back) and I was bogged down with Christmas books last year, but I did hugely enjoy book 1 (which I reviewed here- it’s called Friends Like These, appropriately enough!) and loved sitting down with all the characters I remembered so well. My Kind of Perfect revolves around Marie and her not very conventional group of friends and all the little binds they get themselves into. There are a fair few characters in this book, but it reads in such a way that you just follow it along, as if you’re walking  with the main character as she tries to figure why her fiance, Brian, isn’t moving that little bit faster to get her up the aisle. Add to this that her best friend, Grace, is having issues of her own and has decided she finds Marie a little bit too easy-going, leading to a few stand offs (which I really looked forward to and enjoyed), and I was happy out!

My Kind of Perfect is a hard one to describe, it’s a kooky, oddball type of chick lit, with a few  of the things that make chick lit, well, chick lit, thrown in- a whole room clapping when someone does something romantic, that sort of thing. It is more dialogue than descriptiveness , which works well, however, this means that a lot of the book reads like a series of madcap capers put together as opposed to a story that unfolds. I’ll admit now that I didn’t quite enjoy it as much as book 1 (just a smidgen less-imagine me holding my thumb and forefinger pretty much next to each other and this is what I mean), but, saying that, I looked forward to sitting down to it in the evening, was nervous that Brian was on the way out, mad about how Grace treated her best friend, and, all in all, took my time over it so I could just chill out and enjoy.

This book can be read as a stand alone or as part of the trilogy, but to be honest, if this is your type of book then you should go for all three (there’s an excerpt on Wednesday so you’ll see yourself or else check the ‘look inside’ option on Amazon). A very light read that was extremely enjoyable. Thanks to the author for the book in return for an honest review.

Rating: 4/5

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