Short story: The Summer I Met You by Victoria Walters


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What they say: Escape to the West Country and meet the characters of Talting in this gorgeous short story: the prequel to Victoria Walters’ debut, THE SECOND LOVE OF MY LIFE. “Brilliant and superior women’s fiction” Heat

It wasn’t love at first sight. It was a summer of love…

When Emma leaves her Cornish hometown of Talting for a summer in Devon, the last thing she dreams of is falling in love.

But sometimes the people who affect us the most come along when we least expect it.

As the summer comes to the end, will it herald the start of something that could last for ever?

Review: It was a given I was going to go for this book wasn’t it? I mean, just look at that cover! I’d also read some great reviews and so I was excited to get going and I did, beginning that very night (unusual for me, book goes on my Kindle and there’s generally a lag between purchase and reading) and I wasn’t disappointed.

‘It wasn’t love at first sight. It was a Summer of love. But we had no idea what would happen once summer ended.’

Yes, that’s how it started, contained in a chapter simply named  ‘Now’ and I was IN! Emma is returning to her home town of Talting after three magical summer months in Devon with John, a Summer ‘fling’ who’s not, he’s so much more to her and she to him. I warmed to them both instantly as I did to the story in general. I loved how beautifully we were shown the Devon countryside and how expertly her past was divulged. I’m not a fan of having large chunks of background thrown at me and so this was a treat.

I loved how they met, in a way that was that little bit different, and then their date, which were described in a chapter described as ‘Then’ as we were introduced nicely to John who was well set out as the good guy. I’m afraid I may be using the word ‘nice’ a bit much here, but that’s what describes it the best, a nice story about two people who are in love and yet it’s that bit sharper than your usual romances that swirl around two young people. The flips between ‘Now’ and ‘Then’ is really well done as we contrast thoughts back then with a nice (I’m so sorry) touch of subtle comedy that hit the spot. The romance and the two leads were so lovely and innocent and it was all so cute, but in a non sickly, non immature way. The setting, descriptions and side characters were effortlessly catching and I have to admit Victoria Walters is now firmly on my ‘authors to keep an aye out for’ list. At only 65 pages, and with a Summery premise and cover and costing less than a pound on Amazon how could you go wrong?

Rating: 4.5/5

Note: By the by, at the very end there’s an extract for The Second Love of My Life, which follows on from this but is a full length novel. The premise broke my heart after reading this story and I bought straight away, and without giving anything away … okay, I’m sorry but the book was even better (ie go get both – it’ll cost less than an unhealthy snack and will satisfy you so much more)! Review to come tomorrow.



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