#ComedyBookWeek Maid for Love by Victoria Van Tiem


As part of comedy book week, hosted by the brilliant Ana Spoke, I decided to review Maid For Love by Victoria Van Tiem.




What they say: Jax, twenty-three-year-old girl-with-a-plan, lacks real world know-how and struggles to keep her recently launched cleaning business afloat in a rocky economy. But when life gives you lemons, Jax makes Lemon Aide–her DIY chic cleaning product. It’s either that or admit she’s blown through Dad’s investment and call it a day. Certain he’d take over, proving her can-do is a can’t-manage, and under mounting pressure to financially support her recently divorced mom, there’s really only one responsible thing to do.


It’s either go big or go home, and since she can’t go home–her landlady’s stalking her for back rent–its go big. It doesn’t get any bigger than moving into her vacationing client’s penthouse and throwing a tenant party to attract new business. As an added bonus, Grier, the great looking high-rise handy man, believing she’s taking on her client’s lease temporarily, is all too happy to help. What are a few more lies where the heart’s concerned? Unless she isn’t the only one lying.

The review: I had reviewed I Need A Hero before (see review here) and so I was very willing to go back for more! Now as you can see on the cover we’re told this is ‘a silly little rom-com with a fun big twist’ and that was exactly what this was.We began with a quote and this was followed in each chapter and I have to admit, I’m a sucker for appropriate, lovely, inspirational or just fun quotes, and so I was happy out.There was the added bonus that the story was told by two people, Jax and Grier, which I love.

Jax was working as a cleaner while trying to launch her Lemon Aide cleaning product with the help of her friend and associate Avery. I warmed to Avery straight off but I have to admit I found Jax so unprofessional from the off that this aspect of the story just never sat right-I couldn’t put someone so disorganized and scatty as someone who was hoping to make it big. It was very unfortunate as Jax and Grier were my only big concerns with the book but when your two concerns are the two leads  you can have a bit of trouble. That being said the romance between them was lovely, there were also some ‘hotter’ scenes that will tick the box for some of you! The comedy, however, which is what we’re here to talk about really, and that was very well done-I pre-empted some gags and was satisfied when they turned up on cue and chuckled at others. There were a lot of near misses and mix ups and as a result I eagerly awaited what was going to happen. I will throw in a caveat-as it says it can be a bit silly, people who like their rom coms fully realistic and for everything to slot into place might have a slight problem with this book- there were times you felt that there were a few too many roadblocks  and so it wouldn’t suit all, it was kooky and absurd and crazy but it did the job and was very enjoyable.

Rating 3.5/5

Note: The cover image leads to a universal amazon buy link, while the comedy book week image leads you to the comedy book week website.


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