Lost by Elle Field


Length: 262 pages

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What they say: “I’m starting to realise that age is just a number, but Tabitha pointed out I’m only saying that because I’m twenty-five, engaged, and have my life together. (Touch wood things stay that way.)”

Arielle is back! OK, she’s not on her way to becoming the next Coco Chanel, her childhood dream, but she is one way step closer to running her very own shop with her business partner, Felicity.

She’s also planning her perfect romantic wedding to fiancé, Piers, and Arielle is starting to believe that she’s finally found her place in the world… Of course life is never that straightforward.

With a new-found foe interfering with her shop decisions, not to mention haughty wedding planners and loved ones facing personal struggles, will Arielle figure out what’s important before all is lost?

Lost is the second book in the delightful Arielle Lockley chick lit series, following on from the #1 best seller Kept, which was long listed in the Best Romantic Comedy category, SpaSpa Book Awards 2013. Shopaholic and Lindsey Kelk fans will love the next book in this funny coming of age series.


The Review: When I saw the opportunity to review one of Elle Field’s books I ran for it. I’ve seen and encountered Elle Field a number of times on Twitter and have huge admiration for both her work ethic and writing advice. This, coupled with all the gushing about her books, and the fact that I have B-side sitting on my Kindle, pushed me forward. This is book 2 of the Arielle Lockley series. I read it as a standalone and it worked well as such.

We begin this book with a prologue from Obelix, who turns out to be our lead, Arielle Lockley’s best friend. Our insight into him is that he is a nice, easy-going, slightly awkward vet, who hasn’t had any luck in the girl department and also who is gearing up for his best friend’s wedding, hoping not to let her down.We then move over to Arielle, going back in time by four months, when she is looking for the perfect premises for her new business, a boutique. We get insights into her business partner and friend, an elderly lady named Felicity and I was pulled along with Arielle, as she tried to deal with the many interruptions, events and crises thrown at her. And there were quite a few. I really enjoyed said crises, thrown in when you least expected them. I really warmed to Arielle, although she was perhaps a little over dramatic in places, as were many of the characters. There were some nice hints thrown in as to what might happen in the next book of the series and we were left on a great cliffhanger. All in all a really enjoyable book and, given the ending I will most definitely continue to follow the series (Found is out now).

Thanks to Samantha March from Chick Lit Plus for the book in return for an honest review.

Rating: 4/5

About the author:


Elle Field writes coming of age chick lit books, and is the author of the Arielle Lockley series and Geli Voyante’s Hot or Not. She grew up in a small town in England, then moved to Scotland to study International Relations and Social Anthropology at the University of St Andrews.

Elle now lives in London with her boyfriend and their cat. She’s a massive fan of sunshine, giraffes, The Killers, Audrey Hepburn movies, playing Scrabble, musicals and tea. Oh, and reading, of course!

Find out more about Elle by reading her blog  or by following her on Twitter: @ellefie

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3 thoughts on “Lost by Elle Field

  1. That’s it, I like where you know the age, or you know that there’s something like an engagement so that you can be ready for a slight age gap but actually, the book wasn’t of a tone that I’d steer clear of due to age gap, thank goodness!

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