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A Drakenfall Christmas Book Tour By author Geralyn Corcillo

Tour Dates: November 13th – 19th, 2016

What they say:

Mark and Maisy, ahem, that is, Lord and Lady Shiley, get ready to celebrate their first Christmas together at Drakenfall, their renowned estate-turned-resort in the heart of the Cotswolds. The energetic and very un-aristocratic couple spreads holiday cheer as they conspire in guest shenanigans and staff kerfuffles.

In an uncharacteristic turn, unflappable house manager Glynis Ferry seems to be getting her duster ruffled every time she catches sight of Shaun Fletcher, the new head groomsman. Pippa Taylor, a whirling dervish of a domestic, works below stairs to make the magic of Drakenfall happen for everyone else. But will there ever be enough magic left over for her? There will if most worthy valet Kafi Diop has anything to say about it, as he tries to spin holiday enchantment every which way. But his best laid plans always seem to go cataclysmically awry, even with Maisy helping out as his faithful sidekick.

And what about Kafi’s grandest of schemes, set to take flight at the Drakenfall Christmas Ball? He’s depending on guest Jamie Tovell, who’s depending on his secret crush Lea Sinclair.

But even if everything goes off without a hitch, will the secret Maisy’s been hiding from Mark all season pop up at the most inopportune moment to set everything asunder? It’s a Drakenfall Christmas … topsy turvy, but generously sprinkled with laughter and lavishly frosted with romance!


The Review: My only way of starting this is to give you a glimpse into the beginning of the book:

‘I flicked my thick braid over my shoulder, clawing wayward strands out from the front of my face. As I sped through the icy wind toward the harbour town, I pressed my knees into the stallion’s sides as tightly as I could. I urged the horse on, my skirts and petticoats flying about my waist. But I had to hurry. I HAD to. The Baron was depending on me.’

So I told told you about this book when I reviewed the excellent short story anthology ‘Love in an elevator,’ and then as a standalone here. It was written by Geralyn Corcillo, an inspirational friend of mine who I know solely through social media, and I was intrigued. I warned that I wasn’t sure I could review this, as it’s like when I was starting out reviewing crime and thrillers, if you don’t regularly read books of a certain genre, and in this case written in a certain manner, ie the way for example Jane Austen books are written, with beautiful words that beg to be read out loud, then you could be in trouble. So bear this in mind.

This book had a clutter of characters that somehow still managed to be distinctive and identifiable. They all had their own roles in the story and personalities that drew me in, asking that I find out about each and every one and the mysteries that enshrouded them. The setting was amazing, that of Drakenfall Estate, a large, as they call it, ‘country estate-turned-resort, with acres of land and a magnificent entrance that had me eagerly following along the various visitors as they arrived, left and went about their business. There was love and romance, bitterness and jealousy, more than a few secrets and even a curse. I warmed to so many characters (an exception, unfortunately was Pippa, who was so negative she drove me nuts!), and loved how the beautiful Christmas festivities warmed some chilled hearts. There were escaped cats, unruly children and mix-ups that regularly made me smile, as did the wonderful romance, so gorgeously done. This was a book I read at four o clock in the morning when I was in and out to my son and I have to say I devoured it. I don’t know what it will  do for fans of this particular genre, but I do know that it ticked all the boxes for me. Very much recommended and I will be looking to see the next book in this series. Thanks so much to the author Geralyn Corcillo, and HCL author services for allowing me to be part of this great blog tour.

Rating: 4.5/5

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  1. Thanks for the review, Bernadette! I am glad you devoured it 🙂 A note to your fans: the excerpt you included is from a character’s dream, lest anyone think the whole book takes place in a time of petticoats! LOL! I cannot imagine being consistent enough to write a historical! Thank you for sharing your pleasure in the book with your fans!

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  2. Oh, and my romcom Catch a Falling Star is free today on Amazon! TV star Wendy Hunter tells the paparazzi that she’s engaged to high school football coach Colin Scott. But she doesn’t tell him. She barely knows him. Still, he agrees to go along with her fake engagement … as long as she plays by his rules. Let the games begin.

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