Fitful Head by C J Harter


Length: 432 pages

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What they say: Imagine you lose your mind… and something’s waiting to take its place.
Isobel Hickey’s husband, Richard, was intense, exciting and crazy, and she wants him back. The problem is she can’t have him: he died two years ago in circumstances too painful to remember. Now, she must keep going on for teenage children, Ben and Melissa, and her dog, Brodie. But how can she when nothing makes sense anymore? When she’s haunted by ghostly footprints in the snow, and a sinister stranger who knows too much about her?
When a mute old woman speaks from her death-bed, she plunges Isobel into terrifying danger, a nightmare chain of frightening events where Richard’s secrets lurk and threaten Isobel’s sanity. Now she has to fight to save her children from an insidious evil she doesn’t understand. She must uncover who, or what, is haunting her. But is she strong enough or will she succumb to its malevolent desire?

The Review: If you remember I reviewed Rowan’s well on this blog , and adored it (see review here ), and so when I was offered this for review I jumped! You can read from the above blurb that this is a book designed to absolutely freak the frig out of you and yes, it did just that!

This is the story of Isobel, who is sleep walking through life following the death of her husband, Richard in the way only way a mum can, pushing through, marching forward, while having dreams that are disturbing, vivid and frequent. From the off of this book I was unsettled, but in that brilliant, “what the frig is going on” and “what’s going to happen,” way. Her dreams were the type that you had to try to figure out, was the person in them a friend or foe, were the remembrances or even related to whatever had happened to her husband? The settings were perfection, the writing exquisite, with passages that made me read twice, all the while nodding along.

The everyday in this book was done so well that I had that recurring thought I have with most thrillers/ horrors, which is, ‘God I wish she’d write a rom com!’ because while you’re enjoying it you know that soon things are going to get out of hand, and it’s not like a movie where you can hide and listen, you have to experience every-single-moment. And my gosh when things got out of hand, did they! An old dying lady suddenly speaking words that are relevant to Isobel, a doctor caller that Isobel can’t see, a cuckoo clock spinning out of control-nb NOT a spoiler as you have to experience every single one to get the full impact!) I loved that she had someone on her side to confide in, and that they in turn wanted to figure out the entity, as too often when stacking up the odds authors try to isolate their characters too, and it never grabs me as much.

There were times I forgot that there were paranormal, although those times became more and more fleeting, and that was when I was smacked with something that gave me a shock. At one stage I had to switch books at night because there was the image of someone in my head and I couldn’t sleep! So so creepy, gripping and all in between in the run up to an ending that was brave and excellent. This book took me a few days to read on account of the creep out factor but my gosh it was worth it. Thanks so much to the author for this book in return for an honest review.

Rating: 5/5

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