When I started blogging three years ago one of my first orders of the day was to climb up on a pedestal and deliver this ridunculously lofty rant/ plea re: chick lit (read it here ) I’ll be honest, I had very large ideas back then, and was determined to become a blog choc full with books that would make people smile, laugh and swoon. Thrillers took over half of my heart along the way and have been sharing it since, which isn’t a bad thing (I put five on my tbr just this morning!).

On this day, the 1st of May, where I listed to Ryan Tubridy (who I rate very highly as a literary expert, although I have no reading choices in common with him) gush about how great it was that JoJo Moyes had basically come out saying that authors should try not to put sparkly pink covers on their books, and should avoid the phrase ‘chick lit’ like the plague, I find myself sinking down a little in my chair as I begin, um, #chicklitmay, a month where I want to get to the books I’ve put aside over the past few years, to rave and share about writing chick lit, to interview and share work of writers of chick lit and romantic comedies (yes, I’m piling them in here too, please don’t hate me!), and there’ll be some cover reveals, polls and giveaways too. I hope you enjoy whether you read the genre or not, and if you want to step away for a while, sure I’ll still be here, chatting away to myself about bright, out there characters who live beautiful vibrant settings, or who are trying to escape the mundanity of the everyday by doing something ‘out there’. If you have any comments, I’d love love love you to share, or any recommendations for romantic comedies or chick lit would be welcome too.


Berni xxxxxx


3 thoughts on “#ChickLitMay

  1. Well, I don’t read chick lit (except the occasional Georgette Heyer Regency romance – that counts, right?) but that won’t stop me enjoying your posts about it! And who knows, by the end of the month you might have persuaded me to give it a try – there’s a challenge for you… 😉


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