Watching You by Lynda Renham #chicklitmay


Length: 328 pages

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What they say: Ewan Galbreith is out of prison. Libby Owen is scared. Fifteen years earlier she saw Ewan murder her aunt and uncle with their own shotgun, and now heโ€™s coming for her.

The Review: I took advantage of Lynda Renham being a predominantly chick lit writer (read content from this blog on her here ) to get this, ‘Watching You’ into the mix (I know, genius right?!). The blurb is short, which actually here I like as what more do you need to get you invested?! And it’s so easy to invest time into this, a book that starts with a bang and continues its momentum as we meet Libby Owen, who has changed her name and is living in fear of her life after she was threatened by a man she helped put in prison for the murder of he aunt and uncle. The book is basically us following Libby as she gets more and more paranoid about Galbreith coming to pay her back, while you’re wondering if it is actually him. You are thrust back in time to see what happened to lead to the murders and shown the village, where many people actually had a reason to go after Libby’s uncle.

In modern day we also meet the man himself, Ewan, and a sergeant Fran Marshell and Inspector Mike Magregor, who have been following the case from the start.

I really enjoyed this book, even though it was a bit grubby at times, with sexual content and harsh language, but I suppose that’s par for the course in a story set in an opressed little village where the man of the manor uses people like pawns and smushes them to keep things going the way he wants. In terms of the modern day story I enjoyed trying to figure out if I was wrong in a very early assumption I made. I wasn’t, I’ll admit I guessed very early on part of the twist, although I had a few different thoughts on how it was going to happen, which is the fun of it really, isn’t it? I vaguely thought one of the additional components to the twist might happen, but fought against it and yes, I raised my eyebrows when it happened. To be honest, there’s times where the term ‘suspension of disbelief’ comes to mind, and I think die hard thriller readers mightn’t be choice targets for this book, but saying that I think others will enjoy it and I appreciated what the author was doing and didn’t at any point want to put it down.

Rating: 4/5


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