The Intruder by P S Hogan


Length: 288 pages

Please note that the cover image leads to a universal Amazon buy link for the book

What they say:

He has the key to hundreds of houses.
Maybe even to yours.

A gripping, sinister, deeply unsettling novel from the most sociopathic narrator of 2018. Meet Mr Heming…


William Heming is an estate agent. He’s kept a copy of every key to every house he’s ever sold. Sometimes he visits them. He lets himself in when the owners are out. But what will happen if he gets caught?

What will he do next?

The Review: Ooh!! I don’t know about the ‘most sociopathic narrator of 2018’ (I haven’t read all the books out there!), but my word WHAT a narrator!

William Hemming is an estate agent. He keeps copies of keys of houses he’s shown and sold and lets himself in to, well, for his own reasons. William tells us quite calmly how and why he does what he does and basically brings us about his daily life, where he is pretty much always in the right. THIS is the epicness of the book. Because he is most definitely an enigma, an intriguing character with a sense of right and wrong that generally results in him dishing out vigilante justice in a non vigilante, way, and this is coupled with a play by play of his past- including a despicable genius plan that was formulated to get him to the top of his game. I love books where you get a good back story that shows us where things went wrong and he’s got one to make you think.

In ‘The Intruder’ we get attention to detail that is spellbinding, and narration that is perfection for who you decide he is. Oh and do I have to add that there’s murder involved somewhere in the book, and Mr Heming may or may not be involved, having been in the wrong or right place at the wrong, or right time?

I have to say I have a special fondness for this book, for William’s character, his narration, for the settings, his workplace, all of it really and I will most likely be re-reading this book in the future.

Thanks so much to Netgalley and Transworld Digital for this book in return for an honest review.

Rating: 5/5



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