The Haunting Of Hattie Hastings Part 2 by Audrey Davis


Length: 95 pages

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What they say: The story continues … Hattie is used to her deceased husband Gary dropping in and out of her life. His timing might not always be great, but at least he’s still around. Although – when Hattie tentatively tries a spot of dating – his interference isn’t entirely welcome.
Best friend Cat is lapping up her new relationship with teacher Jamie, but ex-husband Stewart isn’t prepared to fade into the background.
Hattie’s mother Rachel faces a daunting battle, one she doesn’t want to burden family and friends with. But there’s someone waiting in the wings who might be more than a shoulder to cry on.
Gary still doesn’t know what his mission on earth is, and spirit guide Clarence isn’t offering any clues? Will an encounter with another provide him with answers, or put Hattie in an impossible situation?
Prepare for more laughs and tears in the second instalment of a trilogy which takes a darkly comic look at life … and the afterlife.
Warning: Cliffhanger ending

The Review: To start here’s the review for the exceptional part 1 , which, frankly, was perfection for me.

So here’s where this gets tricky. So if I want to go spoiler free, and look at the blurb for guidance on what to tell you about I have to tip toe a little, but that’s probably a good thing, as actually I went into this whole series blind, only knowing that the book was gushed about so much on it’s publication, in particular from Rachel’s Random Resources , who I should take this opportunity to thank for the book in return for an honest review.

So I can just tell you that the cliffhanger that brought us to this point made me do a little ‘YES!’ in my head. I was thrilled that someone else knew about Gary and that once the person knew  said person reverted back within minutes to speaking to Gary as if he was still alive. Once again, the jokes and quips that made me grin and laugh in book 2 materialised.

I have to admit my heart lurched when I came across Hattie’s mother Rachel’s issues and it brought me to my actual worry- where was this series going? With all the loveliness, warmth, beauty and fun-weren’t we heading for some serious tears? Not that I wasn’t kind of in bits already, with young Marty landing and making me sob and yet laugh too! I have most probably done a horrendous job here but all I can say is, the same humour, laugh out loud without being too crude, warmth, fun, some horrendously sad moments, death and sickness and the lovely Gary, who just blows me away every time he appears with the little tinkle of a bell to warn people.

Rating: Beyond a five out of five!



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