Bloggers, authors, and bookish people are amazing

So, here we are. This is the point that the last few months has been leading to. At the start  of the year I decided that I might self publish a Christmas novella. Funnily enough even though this decision coincided with chilly weather and a still Christmassy atmosphere, inspiration wasn’t hitting.

Fast forward to March, when the snow was continuing to build outside, I STILL was just faffing about. Luckily, once the sun came out Eloise (protagonist) decided to grab the reins and go for it. By then I’d decided next year was the time but thanks to some of the nicest and most inspirational people out there I began to shuffle towards the self publishing door with the crowds, then I began to walk, head held high as the words flowed, and then sprint as myself and the excellent Morgen Bailey from Bombshell (my editor for life now, I hope!) worked, hauling it over the finish line at the very last second.

Of the last few weeks alone I have had the honour of working with some  of my favourite (favourite favourite) bloggers and authors and have been wowed and amazed by how selfless and excellent they are. I always hear this, how fantastic bookish people, the bloggers, authors and readers are, but it was an eye opener to see it in action and I’m beyond grateful. Actually, I will never ever ever ever be able to thank everyone enough. I just hope I can repay the favours as and when they need them. So, that’s all I wanted to say, and here it is, finished product. I hope you get to sit down and enjoy it with a nice warm drink. It’s raining here, but cold, so I’d love to think that some people aren’t feeling the bite-they’re just enjoying the warmth!
thumbnail_Snowday Final Cover

Length: 182 pages

Please note that the cover image leads to a universal Amazon buy link for the book

What they (meaning I;)) say: Sometimes hot cocoa just isn’t enough to keep you warm in the snow…

 Eloise is too busy juggling the chaos of three kids, an ever present ex-husband and a demanding boss to even remember the last time dating crossed her mind.

But as soft snow falls silently all around, romance twinkles with the flakes.

After being single for so long, Eloise suddenly has a lot of choices.  Too many choices.   Will anyone be worthy of melting the guard around her heart to let love in?

 A fun-filled, festive read for fans of Christie Barlow, Fiona Gibson and Colleen Coleman


Enjoy and thank you for everything! Love Berni X

(Note: normal service will resume shortly on BRMaycock’s book blog;))


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