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Am so excited to be part of a blog blitz for the madcap Him With The Beard by Pernille Meldgaard Pederson! Thanks so much to Rachel’s Random Resources for allowing me to be here and for the book in return for an honest review! And also, there’s the most festive of giveaways below!!

Him With The Beard by Pernille Meldgaard Pedersen

Length: 42 pages (£0.99)

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Do you remember that moment you stopped believing in Santa Claus?

When nine-year-old Mille suddenly no longer believes in Santa Claus, it turns the house upside down.

Her mother, Stella, is in a pickle as the hunt to find Santa Claus unearths some family secrets.

Christmas is at risk!

And there’s only one person who can save it.

The Review: There is nothing I like better at this time of year than lovely fun Christmassy shorts that you can devour both quickly and easily, have a few laughs, smile as well as go through a rollercoaster of emotions. This is totally what I got from Him With the Beard- the tale of the ever positive-Christmas crazy Stella, who is shocked to discover that her daughter doesn’t believe in Santa. Mainly because she totally does. And so off she goes to her mother to find out what the truth is. I smiled a lot in t his book, then had a few of the tummy dropping moments on heading of Stella’s own childhood, which wasn’t  always idyllic. There was an obvious question I couldn’t  put out of my mind and I have to admit it took me a while to get used to some of the names, just because they’re not the norm for me but I  would most definitely recommend and beyond enjoyed.

Author Bio –

Pernille Meldgaard Pedersen

Pernille was born in 1988 and loves that she was born in the decade with the tallest hair, the most colourful clothes, and the best music.

Her imagination never stands still, and it’s often expressed in words and pictures.

She wrote her first story when she was six years old. It was about the cat she unfortunately never got but wished for more than anything.

She loves autumn and Christmas and believes in elves.

From day to day she is a knight in training, an animator, and a secret agent – she has saved the world a few times by now.

She’s also a professional daydreamer.

She thinks the recipe for a good book is the same as the one for having a good life – a sense of kinship, humour, love, and that one thing that gives you a daily smile.

Vestercity is a fictional city based on her upbringing near the city of Herning in Denmark.

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