The Widow Next Door by L. A. Detwiler


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What they say:

A beautiful house. A new beginning. The almost perfect neighbours…

When newlyweds Jane and Alex Clarke move into an idyllic house on the quaint Bristol Lane, they are excited for a new beginning in what will be their ‘forever home’.

And when an elderly neighbour welcomes them, she soon becomes a friend. But she grows a little too interested in the couple next door as she sits watching them, day in, day out, from the rocking chair in her window.

Alex says it will be fine. After all, she’s a lonely widow who just wants some company. But when she invites Jane into her home, who knows what she’ll find there…

A dark and gripping domestic thriller, perfect for fans of Shari Lapena and Paula Hawkins.

The Review: We start by meeting an elderly woman as she sits and watches the couple next door. I loved hearing her, as I knew (expected) from the blurb things were going to head in the direction of the neighbours she sits and watches all day long. Her pov made you see why she was watching and I soon fell into her little routines and my heart sank at the memories she held that made you think of how important it is to appreciate people and not get so caught up in everyday mundanity which will still be there when you have nobody to share the little things with anymore. In this way I found it justifiable that she watched, hoping the neighbours’ happiness would continue, but then, just as I was settling into a ‘Woman in the Window’ type read where it’s more about her, we get thrown a curveball and you get a flashback that makes you go ‘ooh!’ (Yes, I do make these noises when I read!)

I could not walk away from this book which was difficult as I started reading in the morning and then had to go about my day and I was itching to get back to it! When I did I was again interrupted and it drove me nuts! I binge read the end, watching the couple next door, Jane and Alex, the neighbours who most definitely weren’t what they seemed but then-oh oh-another curveball? Who to believe? And what the frig was going on next door? I won’t give too much away but I did really love this book, all the way down to it’s kind of nutty ending (I had to re-read  one or two bits to get my bearings and a grip on it!) I’ll admit two things, I was waiting for an additional pov to those we got (I think actually it would have made it even better) and secondly, I have to admit I don’t like the blurb, I’d have preferred one of those extremely odd vague ones that you curse as they give you nothing. It’s mainly because of what the book the blurb implies/offers to you, which I think is very different to what you get. Not in a bad way, but still. There! Cryptic enough for you?!;) Anyhoo, very much recommended!

Thanks so much to Avon and Netgalley for this book in return for an honest review.


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