Reading round up 2018

So as you’ve seen before 2018 is nearly over, and with that comes the end of the Goodreads challenge. I wasn’t sure what to do this year, as I haven’t done the challenge for the last two years, but I settled on 85 books and read just over a hundred so happy out really!

As for my standout books for the year, I am working off a mac that doesn’t seem to like doing work anymore so am finding it hard to link, post images, the lot but I suppose a number come to mind. My top three are

Mine by Susi Fox

No Safe Place by Patricia Gibney

Anything You do Say by Gillian McAllister. 

I had a list of over ten which I whittled down to these three. If you look over my reviews you’ll see clearly the books I’ve adored, the authors I’ve discovered and those I come back to time and time again. You’ll know when people ask for a recommendation I now have an arsenal at my fingertips of both thrillers and chick lit/ rom coms. Off hand I send people to Tracy Bloom or Fiona Gibson, Andrea Mara, Patricia Gibney, Kathryn Croft and Hannah Ellis routinely.

The books My Sisters and me, The Cornish Village School, Izzy as is, Miss Adventure, The Abandoned and The Widow Next Door and the authors Sharon Thompson, Geralyn Corcillo, Tracie Banister, T A Willians, Rich Amooi, Hannah Ellis, Annie Lyons, Emily Harvale, Nicola May, Robert Bryndza and Lynda Renham who consistently and constantly deliver (as well as dreams of becoming the next Sophie Kinsella, Helen Fielding and Marian Keyes;)) have inspired me back to writing this year.

I have a number of books for blog tours for next year read for already so that I can continue with my own writing (am hoping to have two new books out next year) and I also plan on laying into some of the gems that have been waiting patiently for me, some for years (first off Jenny Morton Potts, Louise Phillips and Clare Mackintosh) !!

Well that’s it- and I’d like to thank all the lovely, amazing bloggers out there who are always epic in all they do, the fantastic people I know through online forums, the readers, the tour hosts, the publishers and I wish you a gorgeous happy new year. Here’s to 2019!

Big hugs,




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