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Second blog tour of the day and thanks so much to Vicky from Aria for allowing me to be part of it. Without further ado … The Chance of a Lifetime by Kendra Smith!


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What they say:

A new life down under? It’s not as perfect as you’d think.

Katie and Tom’s marriage is in trouble. As is their bank account. So, when Tom tells Katie

that they need to talk, she knows it must be about one of two things, and neither are good.

But when he blindsides her saying that his boss is sending him to Australia

permanently Katie realises it might just be what they need to save their marriage.

Trouble is, she doesn’t like the heat, can’t swim and hates spiders. Not to mention the bouts of homesickness and Tom’s endless business trips. Katie is finding the hope of saving their marriage slowly slipping through her fingers. But Katie is determined to take the bull by the horns and her Speedos by the strap and tackles her new life.

When all is said and done which side of the globe will she decide to call home?

‘An entertaining, fast moving, page turner for anyone dreaming of a new life’ Jane Corry,

best selling author of Her Dead Ex. Previously published as Jacaranda Wife

The Review: This is a book I absolutely jumped at because firstly: who doesn’t love Australia? (hint is in the blurb as to one person who doesn’t!), and secondly, I felt I had to find out what happens to Katie! So this is one of those stories where you totally feel for the lead character as they’re really dropped in it. Katie, who now has her dream kitchen and idyllic existence, is suddenly told that their financial issues are substantial and their only hope is to relocate to Australia for the ‘short term.’

The book very much flits between Katie being gung ho and ready to take it on (or at least make it to the end of the agreed amount of time) and totally struggling as she feels her life has been taken away and not really coping at all. Overall I liked Katie but there are times you can waiver in your opinion of her.

The characters are a mix of likeable and unlikable, with some awful people being all judgemental and brash and this knocked the book a bit at times, I couldn’t fathom how they could consider themselves friends. I also had a few issues in that I couldn’t figure out timelines and stuff, but I think that could be just me. The drama was excellent, with you being hit between the eyes constantly as new issues arose. There were some great little dashes of humour thrown in and I smiled a lot throughout too. All in all very enjoyable and recommended.

Thanks so much to Aria for the book in return for an honest review

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About the author


Kendra Smith has been a journalist, wife, mother, aerobics teacher, qualified diver and very bad cake baker. She started her career in Sydney selling advertising space but quickly made the leap to editorial and went on to work on several women’s magazines in both Sydney and London. With dual Australian-British nationality, she currently lives in Surrey with her husband and three children.

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