The House On Lavender Lane (Hope Cove Book 5) by Hannah Ellis @booksellis

Welcome back to what I’ll call … nope, I’ve no name for it, basically it’s a catch up day on the lovely and brilliant Hannah Ellis’ books! And now, a book I can’t wait to read and will be reading when a lot of my bookish priorities come through-this- The House on Lavender Lane which is book 5 of the gorgeous HopeCove Series, which I think to date has a run of pretty much all five out of fives from me so far with beautiful romance, put-you-right-there-settings and nice little splashes of comedy to boot!



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What they say:

One shocking incident forces six friends to re-evaluate everything

Emily only meant to spend a week in Hope Cove. But when the quirky locals involve her in various events, she happily extends her stay. She just wishes Jack were with her and not stuck working back in Oxford.

For Lizzie, Emily’s visit is well timed. She’s struggling to balance work and family life, and having her friend nearby is exactly the breath of fresh air she needs.

Josie has everyone worried. She’s trying her best to stay upbeat but after two failed pregnancies, she’s definitely lost some of her sparkle.

When disaster strikes, the three couples reunite round a hospital bed. As their lives are thrown into perspective, they’re forced to take stock. And look to the future.

Sometimes, it takes a twist of fate to make you appreciate what you’ve got and fight for your dreams …



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