Whispers at the Bluebell Inn (Hope Cove Book 4) by Hannah Ellis @booksellis #BookReview

Today I’m doing a bit of a catch up on one of my favourite authors, the lovely and brilliant Hannah Ellis!


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What they say:

Josie loves her new life in the country with Sam. But she has a secret that she doesn’t want anyone to know. Unfortunately, it’s hard to keep anything to yourself in a tiny village.

Lizzie is adjusting to motherhood, and finding it more demanding than she ever expected. Life has become a haze of sleep deprivation and dirty nappies, and it’s taking its toll on her relationship with Max.

Emily has finally got the man of her dreams. However, life with Jack isn’t as straightforward as she expected. A certain ex-girlfriend and money worries wreak havoc on their relationship.

As the three couples reunite in the peaceful Devon scenery, what better place to catch up than the local pub? There are laughs, tears and rumours aplenty.

But one thing soon becomes clear: you shouldn’t believe everything you hear at the Bluebell Inn…

Please note: this is the fourth book in the Hope Cove series and is best enjoyed after the first three books.  

The Review: I have to admit when I saw the blurb of this book open with Josie I did an (inward) yess!!! I remembered her from before and (cringes) knew I hadn’t totally warmed to Emily. Throw in Lizzie and all the hell (and lovely stuff, don’t get me wrong) that can come with motherhood and I was itching to get into this, the fourth book of the Hope Cove Series.

We open with a scene that had me worried, and that was very well done and soon we were into the business of meeting everyone.

I loved (of course) hearing of Emily’s writing woes, and the everyday life of Lizzie and was excited for Josie (who I heart so much!) The little touches were great, the Converse and the wedding, the books, the little spats that were suddenly sprang on you. All this was put with lovely romance, a fantastically vivid setting and some nice little comedic moments. A welcome addition to an already great series and very much recommended (though would recommend going back to the start of the series to get the full impact!)

Rating: 5/5


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