#BookReview for The Healer by Sharon Thompson @BloodhoundBook @sharontwriter #TheHealer


Length: 258 pages

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What they say: How do you escape a life of conflict and abuse?

Being a young girl in 1940’s Ireland isn’t easy for Molly, especially since she isn’t like others. Her family and community are wary of the beautiful child. 

As Molly becomes a teenager life gets harder and she loses faith in everything. 

Molly is surrounded in danger. She must make choices. But will she chose the right path or is she doomed to a life of misery? Will she survive in a world of violence and crime? Will The Healer ever be healed?

Sharon Thompson is also the author of the critically acclaimed, thriller The AbandonedThe Healer is a dark and suspenseful family drama which will appeal to fans of authors like; Stuart Turton, Tana French and Anthony Horowitz.

The Review: You’ll remember I gushed, gushed, and gushed even more about the brilliant The Abandoned and the lovely, brilliant and inspiring Sharon Thompson who I met in Imagine Write Inspire and also followed over to Indulge in Writing (her amazing online writing group,  which lets people hear the advice of industry experts and chat and be supported by like minded and not anyway like minded writerly people! By the way I of course stayed in IWI too, they’re my peeps! ) Well here we meet the character I had immediately wondered about from The Abandoned, the ghostly Molly, who I cannot even say how much I hearted (I’m pretty sure I held her up as my most intriguing and fantastic character of last year).

So Molly is a character who, from the start, was in for a difficult life with a resentful mother and a clueless father. This leads me on to characters straight off the bat, as all of them were so human in their insecurities and uncertainties. Unfortunately for Molly, these were the things that also led them to act against her best interests and as a result she had a horrific childhood, where she basically tried to fade into the background. I loved the arrival and indeed the presence of Mollys gifts, her angels. They really gave you hope that there was a chance she might be okay. Of course then you saw that there was darkness there too (cue a moment that seriously shook me!).

This was, as they say, one heck of a page turner (or maybe I just say that, I don’t know). There was tremendous, awe filling, inspirational beauty both tinged and tainted with darkness, misery and of course blood. There were characters that filled you with joy and hope and others that were rotten to the core, more often than not, though, there were characters that chose the wrong path as you silently pleaded that this time, no THIS TIME, things might turn out okay. And all the time you just hoped that this girl, who lost her voice, metaphorically but physically also, might get what she deserved, someone to be her family. This is a dark, at times bloody, tragic (how I sobbed!), beautiful, spine tingling novel with settings, events (one in particular that I can see right now and it sends a chill through me) and people that kept me reading all night. Gorgeous.

Rating: 5/5


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