My definite reads for the rest of the year!! #amreading

I recently spent a very enjoyable evening culling my Goodreads lists, removing all the books I always thought it would be good for me to read, books I wanted to re-read and books I’d grown out of. It was a blast. Now, I’d love to be as organised and as good at details as for example Hayley at Rather Too Fond of Books (a hero of mine in terms of her figures and stats!), but I just deleted, then realised I should keep a note of these things and instead set about a very old-fashioned task of making a list of the books I really, really wanted to read, because I’ve enjoyed books by the author, seen them on sooo many blogs … that sort of thing (am writing this very early in the morning so can’t actually think of the reasons but they’re all valid anyhoo!)

So here we go!

I actually just saw this yesterday on the brilliant Noelle Holton’s website Crime Book Junkie  and the extract made me jump to put it on my Amazon wish list


Which leads me nicely to the next book …


I’ve come across both these authors on social media and HAVE to get to their books if it kills me!



Next is a book I’ve wanted to read for years and blogging commitments kept making me push it aside. I cann’t wait to get to it, it looks hilarious!


Anyone who follow my blog will know I get regular cravings to sit and devour this one, but so far have only read a few chapters before my Kindle or blogging commitments have stopped me!!


Funny having to save a picture as ‘Noonehassex.’ I am a HUGE Tracy Bloom fan, she is most definitely a writer I myself aspire to


Another author I seriously adore …


What follows is four books I see everywhere and HAVE to get to (and hopefully need to get to the authors’ other books too!)!


I am a mahoosive fan of Geralyn Corcillo and Holly Tierney Bedord and to see the two of them collaborating on this, my first (and theirs as far as I know) Wattpad excursion, really made me want to sit down and devour. CANNOT WAIT to read more instalments of  this, it’s stunning and atmospheric so far!


I’m listing these two books but actually there’s one heck of a back catalogue for each author for me to ‘roam’ (see what I did there? Yes, I know, it doesn’t mean as much since they’re spelled differently. I’ll take that. [Slinks away …])

Next up: Keris Stainton. Again, god I love her. That is all;)


Another book I started (see The Birthday by Carol Wyer!) and wanted to wait until I could fully ingest it. Brilliant so far!



And of course, what would this blog be without the amazing Patricia Gibney (note I’m very worried that one of these books contains the word ‘Final,’ mainly because I think Lottie Parker is like Bond, and should go on forever!!


So that’s me!  I am making these books my goal for the year, as well as a clearing of Netgalley which has not been touched for months and months. (Also if we’re talking bout goals I’m hoping to get three books out in the next year, all are in progress, but that’s another days work). If you were pressed to it what books would you say you have to get to this year? Do you have any one that comes to mind?

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