Stuck with Me by Cassandra Piat @cassandra_piat #Bookreview


Length:349 pages

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What they say: Molly, a happy-go-lucky photographer, is thrilled when she wins an all-expenses paid vacation to Mauritius. Bursting with excitement, she packs her camera and a few colourful bikinis and can’t wait to have some fun in the sun.

But things don’t go quite as planned for Molly from the moment the grumpy, albeit gorgeous, Adam sits down next to her on the flight to Mauritius. Who is the hilariously cantankerous man and why does he keep showing up wherever Molly goes, seeming intent on spoiling her fun?

Stuck with each other, they bicker and banter their way around the island. To their surprise they discover that there’s much more to one another than meets the eye, and the chemistry sizzling between them because difficult to ignore…

But what is Adam hiding? And what will happen when Molly learns the truth?

A funny and touching story about life, anxiety, happiness and love set on the beautiful island of Mauritius.

The Review: Another book that has been languishing that, at the time (over a year ago!) I wanted to shout about from he rooftops. This is the story of Molly, a photographer, who is very much glass not only full but brimming over . From the second I met her I was thrilled to sit back (in the sunshine, so all of you going on ‘let’s get the hell away from the horrific weather holidays’ listen up! She meets Adam, a journalist who’s quite difficult to get on with but sets about being her cheery self anyway. Little does she know that Adam has a bit of an agenda with her.

I felt for Molly so much! There were times I really liked Adam, and other times I reminded myself what was going on. This book looks at happiness and what it means to be truly happy and content, not just outwardly happy, which struck a major note with me because I’ve been happy and not so happy, and I had never fully known the true extent of the ‘not so happy’ thing before and it hugely floored me. The settings are both beautiful warming, the characters brilliant and it was pretty much the sort of chick lit read that was Made For Me. A book that really stuck with me. (I know. Had to be done!;)

Rating: 4.5/5


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