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What they say: What if you got a second chance with your first love?What happens when you meet your teenage heart-throb –when you’re both all grown up? When Cassie was fifteen, all she wanted was to marry Jesse Franklin, the bassist from her favourite band, Franko. Now she’s single, in her late twenties and wondering what happened to that teenage dream.A chance encounter on Facebook soon leads to a transatlantic hook up, and soon, Jesse and Cassie are having a long-distance love affair spanning five thousand miles.Cassie is on cloud nine –until she hears something that makes her think that Jessie might not be all that he seems. They say never meet your heroes –but what happens when you fall in love with them…?Are Cassie and Jessie star crossed lovers, destined to be together? Or should Cassie have left her crush in the box marked teenage memories?

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The Review: I always love a book that looks at when you were younger, at the crushes and ideas you had about love, then fast forwards to the present to show you just how it’s going to work out. The nicely done difference here is that the person isn’t an ex, or indeed a boy from school, it’s a guy she never (really … you’ll see what I mean!) met! I loved from the start that the band in question were possibly big, but that Cassie had built them up to be the biggest thing ever, even though all her family and friends were very noncommittal about the whole thing.

This book is very much for people who like dramatic and angsty love stories, with a bit of light heartedness thrown in. It is touted as a romantic comedy, and actually, given the title, cover and in general rockstar romance vibe I was surprised at what it was as for me this would appeal strongly to people who like their romance.

I beyond enjoyed this book. I opened it expecting something else but was thrilled to find a story was 100% invested in, a couple I wanted to follow (I was especially thrilled when I realised we were hearing from Jesse too!), and settings that were real and put me right there. Thanks to Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources and Netgalley for book in return for an honest review.

Rating: 4/5

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Stephie was born in England in the mid 1980s, which makes her thirty-something (but if you ask, she’ll probably tell you she’s 27). Now, she lives on the South coast of the UK, has a day job to keep her holiday budget topped up, and two kids and a husband to keep an eye on. Getting Over Jesse Franklin and Jetplanes to Jupiter were born out of a healthy appreciation of bass guitars (and the dudes who play them), and Franko was very much inspired by her favourite band as a teenager. So now you know. Get in touch on Twitter @imcountingufoz or at

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