Perfectly Poisoned Anthologies: No Limits A collection of short stories inspired by the Bronte Sisters by Jennie L. Morris, Amanda J. Evans Casia Courtier, Joshua Ian, Andra Dill, Muriel Garcia

I’m thrilled today to be able to tell you about Perfectly Poisoned Anthologies, which is out now!!



Release Date: March 20, 2020
by Perfectly Poisoned Anthologies

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Jennie L. Morris – Amanda J. Evans
Casia Courtier – Joshua Ian
Andra Dill – Muriel Garcia

Inspirational, enigmatic, iconic, limitless.
Just a few words that describe the genius of Anne, Charlotte, and Emily Bronte. One can only imagine what they could have accomplished if they hadn’t died so young or were perhaps born in more modern times.
In No Limits: A Collection of Short Stories Inspired by the Bronte Sisters, six of your favorite authors use their own creative writing to bring you six stories from their imaginations and appreciation of the writing of the Bronte sisters.

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The Making of Souls by Jennie L. Morris

Unfortunate. The one word Ruth Kingston could use to describe her life. Instead of succumbing to the melancholy of fate’s harsh hand, the path her father trod, Ruth climbs out of her impoverished childhood bloodied knuckled and baring teeth. She is not one to bow.
Grief shadows the heart in malleable forms and haunts the chamber of the soul as a changeable phantom. To begin anew, Ruth accepts a position as housekeeper far from her ancestral home in Derbyshire. In the southern county of Kent, the derelict property of Pakenbarth Grange begs for attention.
Twin brothers provide Ruth purpose and sanctuary. In her happiness, tragedy pursues Ruth like a frantic hound. Once again, nothing and everything changes, leaving her ripped to shreds by providence.
The Heart Well Disposed by Joshua Ian

With no family and no money, Adine Wheelwright is forced to take a position as a governess. She finds work with the lecherous Nicholas Fairfield and every night, after the children go to sleep, brings an odious game of cat and mouse which leaves Adine fearful and disgusted. The one bright spot comes when Fairfield’s parents visit from their Yorkshire estate Cowperton and Adine meets Gertrude, the lady’s maid. The two become inseparable and their friendships quickly blossoms into something far deeper. They soon make plans to build a future together but a mysterious accident threatens to derail their dreams. What will Adine do if she loses her home and employment, and, more importantly, if she loses Gertrude? And what will happen if the family learns what truly happened that night out on the cliffs of Cowperton?

Adair Manor by Andra Dill

Emma Turner knows life can change in the blink of an eye. She didn’t anticipate a simple house party would be the catalyst for yet another upheaval in hers. But a pair of matchmaking matrons and the next Mistress of Adair Manor could push Emma into a future that will take her far from all that she holds dear.

Grisham House by Amanda J Evans
Punished for her rebellious nature, seventeen-year-old Catherine Howard is sent to Grisham House, a place her feminist mother insists will show her how lucky she is. But Grisham House holds a dark secret as well as a handsome owner that Catherine can’t resist.
Forced to become a servant and learn the ways of those less unfortunate, Catherine soon discovers that all is not as it seems at Grisham House. Girls disappear, a strange figure in white haunts the gardens, and screams infiltrate her sleep at night.
Catherine is desperate to discover the truth but the tyrannical housekeeper, Ms Peckham watches her every move. Can Catherine find out what’s really happening at Grisham House before the next victim is claimed?
A Day in Thornfield Hall by Casia Courtier

Maine was supposed to be the start of something bigger for Jane Eerie.
After finally getting the job that would give her independence from an overbearing mother, Jane is ready to take on anything. What she wasn’t expecting was a mystery that begins with a full wardrobe of clothes.
All she will get is a day in Thornfield Hall, but it will change the way she thinks about the world forever.

Abandoned Muriel Garcia

I remember when I had to read Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë back in high school, the sense of abandonment and feeling like the world was against her stood with me and inspired me while writing Abandoned. It was hard to pick just one sister or story to inspire me but the darkness Charlotte managed to capture stood out the most. The emotions she depicted in Jane Eyre were my biggest source of inspiration.


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