#Blogtour #BookReview The First Date by Zara Stonely @rararesources @ZaraStoneley


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What they say:

Right place.

Right time.

Wrong guy …

The novel equivalent of binge watching a tv series…”just one more chapter, who cares if it’s 2am!” It’s exactly the sort of novel you need with so much chaos in the world’ Sarah, Reader review

After breaking up with her childhood sweetheart, clueless dater Rosie has found herself in a boyfriend-drought. So when she finally swipes right on a guy who seems interested, she can’t wait to meet up in person.

Until she’s left standing alone. In a bar. Stood up.

Enter Noah. Confident, funny … and a serial first dater. Offering to give Rosie a crash course in seduction, this could be just what she needs. Until her matchmaker turns out to be the best date she’s ever had – and Rosie wonders if she wants the fake dates to be the real ones after all …

A hilarious, heartwarming romantic comedy about what happens when the wrong guy turns up at the right time, perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella and Mhairi McFarlane.

The Review: There are very few books that reel you in from the very start, making you sit up and plan your escape from everyday life so that you can read all in one go, but my gosh this was one of them! So we meet Rosie sitting in a bar, wondering how she’s been stood up on a first date. And then in comes Noah.

The start of this book reminded me of my single days, with that thrill of being out and chatting to a stranger at a bar (I know, doesn’t sound good now;)), with the buzz of life going on around you and I absolutely fell into it all, the setting, the easy playful are they flirting or aren’t they thing, and then loved all that followed.

The chemistry and romance in this book was fantastic, as was the humour (have to mention Hugo here), and the ‘love yourself’ theme (especiallly with Rosie’s mum, who I beyond felt for). Add to this some great twists that I totally got the wrong end of the stick of to begin with, making me laugh both at myself and out loud, so yes, true sparkly, fun escapism at a time we need it so badly. It says above for fans on Sophie Kinsella and Mhairi MacFharlaine, I’d say if you adore Tracie Bloom and Keris Stainton, this is totally the book for you. Very much recommended. Thanks so much to Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for the book in return for an honest review.












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  1. Even if I manage to read a book, I have a hard time getting in the mindset of writing a review. I think I’ve been home for too long. I think the danger of catching this virus will be with us even after our government and state governments open up our states and relax the stay at home mandate.

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