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What they say:

Eight-year-old Daisy May is the writer and star of her very own TV show, Daisy May’s Daydream Parade, which broadcasts live and exclusively in her imagination.

In the latest episode, Daisy May finds herself on a desert island where she discovers a map that leads to buried treasure, but what appears to be a simple quest to find riches soon turns into a roller-coaster ride as evil pirates, grumpy gorillas, and a fire breathing dragon stand in her way. However, when travelling across polluted ocean waters and trash covered beaches, Daisy May soon realises that the hunt for treasure can wait – there’s a much bigger issue in need of urgent attention.

Written by Arran Francis, multiple series creator for BBC CBeebies Radio, Daisy May’s Daydream Parade audiobooks show how 8-year-old Daisy May confronts her real life problems in the stories she writes as she floats off into her daydream adventures.

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The review: I was extremely shocked when planning this post to find that I had a lovely request from this author from last year about a review for this: a children’s audiobook and I apologise profusely for not getting to it before now, when, funnily enough, I jumped for it an audio book I knew my youngest two would adore!

So this is a book where our lead character Daisy May is bored as she helps clean up a beach with her father. We began this book and I’ll admit with the beautiful wording I was afraid it would be lost on my five year old, but he was transfixed! We listened over three days and he and my seven year old quickly became fans and it became what books should be, a time of intent listening, followed by bonding and chat. The narration was beautiful, the story spell binding and funny, and we all will definitely be listening to the other two audiobooks available! Thanks to Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for the book in return for an honest review.


About the author:


After co-founding production company Audio Factory in 2011, Arran Francis has received multiple commissions as a series creator for BBC’s CBeebies Radio and produced and directed over a hundred audiobook titles for publishers in the UK and North America on titles including Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. In 2019, he launched Wombat & Jones, a children’s publishers dedicated to creating titles exclusively to audiobook format starting with the debut novels in the Wombat & Jones and Daisy May’s Daydream Parade series.
Wombat & Jones (www.wombatandjones.com) / Audio Factory (www.audiofactory.co.uk)


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