The Greatest Of Enemies (Abbeyglen book 2) by … well, me!!

Cover Example 5.JPG-1What they say:

Get ready for fireworks as two women with very different personalities become housemates!

Bex has settled in well into the small town of Abbeyglen. Yes, she misses her housemate Holly, but she has plenty to do what with the setup of the new Caulfield’s café, her blogging and of course her work in Blackwater Financial Services.

Louise is shocked when she arrives in the town of Abbeyglen to find it has changed, everything looks too new and shiny, and who is this person in Holly’s apartment?!

With Bex’s bff heading for domestic bliss, some unwelcome changes in work, and now the arrival of eternally negative Louise, can Bex remain her usual chirpy self or will handbags at dawn, daytime and night-time too bring out a side to her she never knew existed?

For fans of Sophie Kinsella, Christie Barlow and Rosie Green.

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So there we go, the second book of the Abbeyglen series. You may or may not have read book 1, where local Holly Caulfield won the lottery and was looking for her friend Louise, who was nowhere to be found for most of the book. Now here, she’s back with a vengeance… and there’s a storm coming too …

And if you want to go back to the start …


Holly Caulfield has won the Irish National Lottery and sets in motion a plan to save the village of Abbeyglen. But who would have thought that giving money away could be so difficult?

With a resident’s association that’s clamouring for more and more money, an old lady who’s decided that a dream cruise is in her grasp and a couple who may not want that dream wedding after all, Holly’s finding it hard to keep it together!

With a new love interest and an ex-husband hot on her heels, it’s up to Holly to figure out what can truly make her happy.

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And what I say: I’m a bit in shock today, I didn’t really expect to put this out, I’ve slowed down on every front in the last few weeks and had kind of resigned myself to not putting much out this year so I’m thrilled to be able to show you what happens when Holly’s best friend, who we were all wondering about for most of book 1, arrives in Abbeyglen. The thing is, she isn’t bringing sunshine and brightness with her …

Anyhoo big sleep deprived hugs to you all, and hope you enjoy!


6 thoughts on “The Greatest Of Enemies (Abbeyglen book 2) by … well, me!!

    • Snuck was right!! My edits were done weeks ago but I just fell at the last hurdle in terms of putting it all together, then last night I just decided I had to get it out🙈 Next one will have more launch planning😅 Am about to contact Rachel to see if she could work her magic!! Very excited! And thanks!!

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