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So a huge thank you to the amazing Mary Smith book blogger and Laura Heffernan for having me as part of The Hungry Readers Games 2020. It’s truly an honour!


The Rules: 🏆 Two Challenges and Two Ways to Win this June for our 6 voracious readers as #thehungryreadersgames Challengers this #Summer2020! 🏆🏹

Competition 1 – Power Reader Challenge:

Who will read the most books this month??? 📚🥰📚

1 pt. will be awarded for novels (200+ pages!) 📚📚

0.5 pts. for novellas (199 pages or less!) 📚

Competition 2: Bonus Points Challenge – #HungerGames style! 😱🙈😱

Ways Our Challengers Can Earn Bonus Points:

✔️ Read an ARC a week (up to 3 max per week) = Accept 1 Bonus Point or Go to GamesMistress @LauraHeffernanBooks & Dice Roll for 0 – 5 Bonus Points! 😮

✔️ Write a Review a Week = 5 Bonus Points 😍

✔️ Write a Blog or IG Book Post a week = 3 Bonus Points. Keep them, or Go to the GamesMistress & Roll for Double or Nothing! 🤔

✔️ Gain Lifelines –> Every 15 new Followers = 5 Bonus Points 🤩

Readers – Become a #Lifeline! Share the #hungryreadersgames2020 Challenge and get your friends to follow your favorite Champion(s)!!! 🤩 For every 15 new Followers our Champions get on IG or FB, they will get 5 Bonus Points. Our Challengers will need them for the upcoming Surprise Challenges! 😲 Leave a comment if you’ve spread the word about # theHungryReadersGames or #hungryreaders2020 on Social Media for a special shout out as a Top Sharer! 🥰📚🥰

✔️ Gain Sponsors –> Every 5 Sponsors = 1 Bonus Points

📖 #Romance #Authors 📖 – Need a review? Become a Sponsor today and support one or more of these 6 voracious readers! Have an ARC? Or a past book that needs a little #ReviewLove? Contact one, two, or all of our Challengers! (For more details, contact @chicklitshop.) 📖


🏹🏆 Finally, it can’t be #thehungryreadersgames2020 without some ways to LOSE ALL THESE HARD EARNED BONUS POINTS…Stay tuned & watch what happens!!! 🏆🏹


🏆 #MayTheOddsBeEverInYourFavor! 🏆

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The Report: Okay, so here we are, D Day. Report day for The Hungry Readers games. Okay. So In my defence, it’s been a Bit Of A Week. I realised at the start of the week I was putting out The Greatest of Enemies and put it out, we had a mini ‘everything’s falling apart day’ in relation to homeschool, we’ve continued trying to convert the garden from being a building site, I’ve been telling the kids they can’t look at screens so I’ve tried not to be a hypocrite (didn’t work, I was called out on the fact that I sit on my Kindle/phone while they’re busy ‘at school’) … Yes, I know, I’m stalling. I’ll get on with it. So I don’t have a problem with how much I read: I read two books

  1. Coming Home to Heritage Cove by Helen Rolfe (242 pages) Read between the 5th and 6th of June
  2. When Life Gives You Lemons by Fiona Gibson (400 pages but my god did not feel like it!!! Read between the 4th to 6th June)
  3. Today I will be reading The Midwife Crisis by Lyndsey Gallagher which I have just started but am LOVING! I won’t get to blog it, but will tweet and instagram (is that a verb?) when I finish (216 pages)

I suppose my problem is more what I DIDN’T do.

  1. Download the Kindle app to track what I was reading (in my defence my phone was crammed full, it’s going to have to go onto somewhere else next week
  2. Learn instagram (covers eyes) Have only joined but am happy to be at 85 followers!
  3. Tweet/ facebook/instagram as I went
  4. Write a blog post for Fiona Gibson’s book (I’ll post next week about it)
  5. Get my you-know-what together!


So I guess I’ll aim to do better next week (although as I said I’m happy with what I read and enjoyed every last word of all books!) And I’m happy to accept my points (no roll of the dice this week!!)


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