Something Old (Book 1 in the fake engagement collection) by Jenny Rabe @chicklitshop #hungryreadersgames2020 @jflake10

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What they say: Emilie Carter never wants to return to Danvers, Massachusetts, but when her childhood home needs to be sorted for sale, she’s forced to tie up loose ends. Her hopes to abandon all ties to the place fails when she’s roped into being a bridesmaid for her ex-best friend and Emilie’s high school sweetheart. No big deal, right?


Dean Wright has worked hard to make a name for himself and continue his father’s fishing business. After years of feeling empty, enter long-time crush, Emilie. When she needs a date for a wedding to show her ex she’s moved on, he takes it a step further by proposing a fake engagement. Her presence stirs up old feelings, and Dean is determined not to let her go this time.

The review: You’ll already know I don’t read enough romance, choosing instead to binge on feel good rom coms. So when this came up, a romance that was pure romance, as part of the Hungry Readers challenge, I eyed it with interest, seeing that actually it had everything I usually love in a book, with a will they won’t they, as well as having to convince people that our lead characters are married. Uh yes, totally in!!!

This is the story of Emilie and Dean. Both were best friends years back, and were separated when Emilie left their small town of Danvers (which was so vivid I felt I was right there!). Emilie is a dancer (swoon) and returns with talk of opening a dance studio but actually we realise that with her backstory comes secrets and little lies she has to tell, as she doesn’t intend on staying around (I loved that there were a select few she confided in).

I beyond enjoyed this book! From the fake pda’s that were too real, to dealing with Ava, a spoilt ex-friend, and Finn HER fiance, I inhaled the whole book, wondering if we could trust Ava OR Finn, how I felt about Dean, and at times Emilie, and wondering if there would be any weddings  at the end of it all!!! Definitely a series I’ll be following with interest and a reminder that I need to broaden my reading horizons!

Rating: 4.5/5



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