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The Rules: 🏆 Two Challenges and Two Ways to Win this June for our 6 voracious readers as #thehungryreadersgames Challengers this #Summer2020! 🏆🏹

Competition 1 – Power Reader Challenge:

Who will read the most books this month??? 📚🥰📚

1 pt. will be awarded for novels (200+ pages!) 📚📚

0.5 pts. for novellas (199 pages or less!) 📚

Competition 2: Bonus Points Challenge – #HungerGames style! 😱🙈😱

Ways Our Challengers Can Earn Bonus Points:

✔️ Read an ARC a week (up to 3 max per week) = Accept 1 Bonus Point or Go to GamesMistress @LauraHeffernanBooks & Dice Roll for 0 – 5 Bonus Points! 😮

✔️ Write a Review a Week = 5 Bonus Points 😍

✔️ Write a Blog or IG Book Post a week = 3 Bonus Points. Keep them, or Go to the GamesMistress & Roll for Double or Nothing! 🤔

✔️ Gain Lifelines –> Every 15 new Followers = 5 Bonus Points 🤩

Readers – Become a #Lifeline! Share the #hungryreadersgames2020 Challenge and get your friends to follow your favorite Champion(s)!!! 🤩 For every 15 new Followers our Champions get on IG or FB, they will get 5 Bonus Points. Our Challengers will need them for the upcoming Surprise Challenges! 😲 Leave a comment if you’ve spread the word about # theHungryReadersGames or #hungryreaders2020 on Social Media for a special shout out as a Top Sharer! 🥰📚🥰

✔️ Gain Sponsors –> Every 5 Sponsors = 1 Bonus Points

📖 #Romance #Authors 📖 – Need a review? Become a Sponsor today and support one or more of these 6 voracious readers! Have an ARC? Or a past book that needs a little #ReviewLove? Contact one, two, or all of our Challengers! (For more details, contact @chicklitshop.) 📖


🏹🏆 Finally, it can’t be #thehungryreadersgames2020 without some ways to LOSE ALL THESE HARD EARNED BONUS POINTS…Stay tuned & watch what happens!!! 🏆🏹


🏆#MayTheOddsBeEverInYourFavor! 🏆

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So …

Yeah, not great. Not great at all. Hmmm ….

Another week where, yes, I’ve really no excuse. The Instagram thing has been a non runner for me, every time I’m on I feel the urge to head to Twitter instead and get sidetracked. As a result my promotion has been horrendous, and given next week is my last week I need to cop on.

I did not get the kindle app but have made piece with that- I cant get space at the mo.

And on the reading front I’ve read half of one book- Sunshine and Second Chances by Kim Nash 238 pages

And 2 other books

Poll Dancer by the brilliant Laura Heffernan (excellent and definitely a 5🏅read)-a sharp, bright, stunning, romantic story about a pole dancer who runs for politics 182 pages

Just Friends by Lucy Keeling- no review up yet for this and it’ll be Tuesday unfortunately before I do, but a big recommendation for this for people who love books with a group of friends trying to plan a wedding 273 pages

My book of the week was poll dancer

Given all of this, this week I am going to roll the dice 🎲 (shuts eyes really tight😉)

Happy reading everyone and

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