Imperfectly Delicious (Book 6 of the Imperfect series) by Mary Frame @Marewulf @MS_birdlady @LH_Writes #HungryReadersGames


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This is book six in the Imperfect Series and can be read as a stand-alone novel!

Scarlett Jackson is anything but perfect. The first time she met famous chef and entrepreneur Guy Chapman, she set him on fire. As a result, she was blacklisted from every restaurant in New York City to the point where she couldn’t get hired at a taco stand. But she didn’t give up. She got busy. Now she’s running her own food truck and things are taking off. Except…through a mixture of impeccable timing and bad luck, she’s parking near Guy’s newest and most ambitious undertaking: Restaurant Row.

For Guy Chapman, everything must be perfect. His businesses, his food, his whole life. He has more on the line than creating a culinary empire. There are people who rely on him, from employees to a sister who requires twenty-four-hour care. So when a plucky baker running an inconvenient food truck throws a wrench into his plans, he can’t let it go.

When things start getting hot in both their kitchens, Guy and Scarlett have to decide what’s more important: winning the block or winning each other’s hearts.

Imperfect Series reading order–All books can be read as stand-alone novels and feature quirky characters and a guaranteed HEA!
Book One: Imperfect Chemistry
Book Two: Imperfectly Criminal
Book Three: Practically Imperfect
Book Four: Picture Imperfect
Book Five: Imperfect Strangers
Book Six: Imperfectly Delicious

The Review: I actually picked this as part of this week’s surprise book challenge for the hungry readers games with no idea of what I was in for. Who would have known that I was to find an author I was all set to ingest every single book of?!

Okay, yes, I’ll begin at the very beginning. So I was astonished on reading the above blurb, it was probably the best, most vibrant blurb I’d ever read, and coupled with the cover and promise of someone running a food truck in the presence of a restaurant that was extremely high end I was in.

From the off I was thrilled with the setting, said food truck being run in New York, with our lead, Scarlett, and her friend, Fred, a girl that had the most perfect personality to make up an unstoppable team.

The comedy in this book was the stuff of legends (or technicolor rom com movies), as we meet Scarlett hiding from the head of the top restaurant, Guy, who we’re told she may or may not have previously set fire to. Add into this his charming right hand man, Carson, who was taking advantage of spying to sample the cupcakes. The romance was swoonerific and perfectly placed, drip fed into a compelling story expertly and making me smile. The heat was great too and suited the realness of it all, and as I finished I made sure to remind myself to sign up for the author’s newsletter and get onto her back catalogue (this was book 6 of the series).

All in all beyond beyond recommended and thanks so much to the author for the book in return for an honest review and for introducing me to her stellar work.



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