The Cornish Village School Happy Ever After (book 5) by Kitty Wilson @canelo_co @KittyWilson23 #HungryReadersGames20


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When you’ve spent your life trying to be perfect, how easy is it to let go?

Marion Marksharp is the undisputed queen of Penmenna and has the perfect life – ask anyone. Doting husband? Hmm, maybe not… Well-behaved, angelic children? Definitely not. A network of close, supportive friends? Not so much, it turns out.

Marion sets out to change her autocratic ways by starting up a wedding planning enterprise in the village. But between her husband’s suspicious absences, her PTA frenemies and her own perfectionist tendencies, organising the dream wedding for her friend isn’t going smoothly and she’s running out of time to pull it off…

In this final book in the Cornish Village School series, the village comes together one last time to make sure everyone gets their happy ever after.

A second-chance romance perfect for fans of Tilly Tennant and Cathy Bramley.

The Review: This next book I HAD to read for The Hungry Readers Games, I’ve waited so long and had to grab the chance because I cannot believe we’re at the end of this brilliant series!! As you know we’ve spent the run up to this book with one character in the back of our mind that needed their story told… yes, we are at that powerful whirlwind on energy that is Marion.

Our real beginning of this book is at a place we see in rom com a lot, and my jaw dropped to the ground that the person in question could possibly have done what they did (yes I have to do this spoiler free!!). This for me was THE story.

As we followed Marion on her new direction in life I kept coming back to this and 1) was relieved the author had chosen a certain avenue 2) wasn’t sure about one of the people in the equation as I was so behind the other (okay I’m going to snap here,  I love Richard so much!!), 3) was so taken with the timeline, which was epically done especially as it’s (sniff) the end of this series, and the vividness of both the events and the settings, which totally had me (special mention for the pub!) and also of course, the romance which was MAGNIFICENT!!!

A book I flew through, savouring it all (my only niggle at all was I slightly missed Marion being in her normal school role but her boys did a great job of filling the gap!!).

I normally thank the publisher for the book in return for an honest review, and I will here just because I’m nearly sure I have to log it on Netgalley, but actually this is an author I always buy too (for support because I ‘know’ her from bookland and her books are so wonderful and also to make sure I can somehow help put her where she deserves to be, at the top of the charts) and will continue to, and as well as thanking them for the book I’d like to say thank you to Canelo and Ms. Wilson for one of my favourite series. Beyond recommended for warmth, charm and just all round chick lit perfection! And for any of you lucky enough to have not read the series, get thee back to book 1 and you’re welcome!

Rating: 5/5


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