A bit of an update …

It’s a bit of a mad one, I’m used to being over here as a blogger, and only sometimes as an author. Instead I’m now showing my author wares, but I’ll definitely be throwing in some reviews and updates on my writing, reading and book buys.

So I found myself heading to the ‘about’ section and sitting down to type this:

I’m Berni and I live in the Midlands of Ireland with my brilliantly out there husband, four great little men and four cats! I write sunshiny, feel good romantic comedies and chick lit. You may have come here expecting a book blog. Hopefully you won’t mind joining me for various musings on my rom com and chick lit books and series. There’ll still be some reviews of course, and you can always look over the hundreds I’ve blogged about over the years. See you inside!

So there we go! And hopefully I do see you inside. Saying that if I don’t, thank you for following me all these years, it’s beyond appreciated!


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