#Bookreview Bella’s Big Caribbean Adventure by Annabelle and Anne John-Ligali #publicationday #outnow! @AnneJohnLigali

I definitely don’t need to introduce these two ladies (as I would have told you, you would have met Anne with all of her fabulous spa books (chick lit perfection!) and Annabelle at Christmas time with her debut Lost in Christmas Wonderland  (check them ALL out!!)

School is out for the summer and Bella is off to St Vincent and the Grenadines with her mum Isabel, Granny Sylta, Iris, and Tommy. This is not just any holiday, because Bella and Iris are going to be bridesmaids at Clara’s wedding, her mum’s best friend.

When Bella and the rest of the family arrive at Clara’s plush villa in Cane Garden, she and Iris have the opportunity to view their dresses before the big day. The dresses are locked up in a wardrobe that is so old not only does it take ten minutes to open, but you can barely turn the lock.

But after a minor distraction, they miss the chance to view their dresses. Bella and Iris must now wait another week before they can see them. Feeling incredibly impatient, Bella sneaks the wardrobe key to finally have a peek at the dresses. But when a ball sails over the garden wall, the unexpected happens and one silly mistake changes everything and her Big Caribbean Adventure turns into something she could never have imagined.

Bella’s Big Caribbean Adventure is a story about the importance of patience, teamwork and never giving up.
Amazon UK
Also available on Kindle Unlimited

The Review: Apologies for the lateness of the review, I had committed to reading this with Aidan but (shock of shocks) ALL of the kids wanted to read this too which presented, um scheduling conflicts (they wouldn’t let me read when they weren’t all there)!!

This is such a fab book!!! From absolutely eating up the glorious descriptions of the settings from home to that of a very stunning villa which had not only the beauty and vibrancy and colour of holidays (we live in Ireland, remember!) but also the element of enchantment somehow with the wardrobe and the perfection of bringing us along with them on their chase.

I wish I could tell you more about said chase but I’ll just say that it is excellent and we definitely had the element of ‘but they can’t find it yet!’ Ten out of five and the authors are firmly sealed in this household. I’ve been told to tell that this is suitable for boys or girls and the adventure was something everyone will want to read!!
Rating: 10 out of 5 . Loved it!! I’ll say thanks to the fantastic author for the copy but we also bought and are buying the paperback (honestly that good!)

Annabelle is ten years old and lives in London. She enjoys playing with her brother, vlogging about books she’s read, and places she’s visited on her Annabelle Presents YouTube platform. 

She likes to bake cookies and especially Caribbean coconut fried bakes which are her favourites. Her favourite authors are Alesha Dixon, Serena Patel, Jaqueline Wilson, David Walliams, and Ben Miller. She also likes reading magazines; she is a subscriber of First News For Kids. 

You can connect with Annabelle here:

Instagram: @annabellepresents

Annabelle’s website, click here

Anne lives in London and is a mum of two. She studied graphic design at the University of Arts London. Before deciding to write fiction, she worked in the city of London as an I.T. administrator. Anne also writes women’s fiction and has written a three-part series. She is currently writing a 12-part short story series due for release in January 2022. 

You may connect with Anne here: Instagram: @anne_johnligali


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