#BookReview Summer Nights and Pillow Fights by Beth Rain @BethRainAuthor

What they say: Eve Grey is divorced, the wrong side of forty and dreading her only son leaving for college in the autumn. Still, she has one last summer planned with him in Little Bamton, and she’s determined to make the most of it. At least, that’s the plan until Davy’s father rocks up and tempts him away with the promise of sun, sea and sand. Eve’s summer stretches away in front of her…

She’s alone for the first time in 18 years…
The house feels strangely empty…
And there’s something about the summer air that’s making her feel decidedly fidgety.

All it takes is one particularly rowdy book club session to set her on a new and exciting path!

Finn Casey is hoping his visit to Little Bamton might help him get over his writer’s block. It was his editor’s idea to take a painting course in an attempt to get inside his new hero’s head. Unfortunately, the village just provides him with a whole new set of distractions . . .

His quietly beautiful new art teacher . . .
The fact that his bedroom just happens to be right next to hers . . .
And his editor’s not helping matters by phoning every hour of the day (and night) asking for updates on the manuscript.

Will Eve open up enough to let new love in? Will Finn finally manage to step into his hero’s shoes and win the girl? Or is this particular love story doomed to remain unwritten?

A warm, summer read full of fun, romance and laughter! For fans of Holly Martin, Darcie Boleyn and TA Williams.

Summer Nights and Pillow Fights is the third standalone novella in the Little Bamton series

The review: I’d heard a lot (a lottttttt!!) about Beth Rain books in some of the book groups I’m in online and, given that I’m in a few with her, and she always seems so lovely and inspiring too, I decided it was time to sit down and enjoy one (I knew I’d enjoy it from all of the gushing!) Oh. My. Wordy. Word.

Another author to add to my list of ‘how in the hell have I not read this author’s books yet’ category!! It started with a scene that had me sobbing, with Eve, our lead, facing into an empty house as her son went off to college. What happened next had me settling down, ready to not be able to stop reading as I got myself ready for her art course (special mention here for all the charcoal, watercolour and woolen beauty!) .

And I was right!! With amazing friendships, the best premise to give a bit of drama and a cinematic rom com chase, fantastic banter, fun characters, beautiful romance, stunning vivid art scenes that depicted such gorgeous settings… let’s just say Beth Rain is sealed as an author I’ll be reading again. This is number 3 of a series but I hadn’t read the first two and it worked fine. Saying that I probably will read those books and I am WAITING for the next in the series!

Rating: 5/5


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