#BookReview The Abandoned House by Karen Hollis @KarenLNHollis

What they say: Rebecca is at the lowest point of her life and nowhere near where she had expected to be as she approaches her 41st birthday. So when her friend Max rings her up to tell her about their small group of urban explorers, Rebecca is eager to know more. He takes her to look round The Grand House in Tileby, Lincolnshire – an abandoned house where the former owners’ furniture and possessions are still present.

While Max is interested in photographing the house for his upcoming exhibition, Rebecca feels something else is happening which only she can see and hear. It seems the house has secrets to tell. Will Rebecca be the one to hear them?

The Review: I first came across the author, the lovely Karen Hollis, in a chick lit group and was intrigued that she had this, a horror book, out. I intended to read at Halloween, but then we had KindleGate (as I said before, the very dramatic name for me going without a Kindle;))

The Abandoned House is a dramatic, atmospheric read about Rebecca, who is feeling like her life let her down. I flew this novella, taken in by the story as Rebecca hears music in an old abandoned house, music that reminds her of her own aspirations when she was younger. Although innocent and easy going in places, there is also moments where this book can be a tough read as we find out what happened to the people in the house and I realised I’d forgotten what it was like to read horror! I enjoyed and would recommend for someone who would like to dabble in gothic type horror.

Rating: 4/5


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