#BookReview The Little Library on Cherry Lane by Katie Ginger @KatieGAuthor

What they say: The heart-warming new novel from the author of The Secrets of Meadow Farmhouse and The Perfect Christmas Gift. The ideal next read for fans of Cathy Bramley, Rachael Lucas and Heidi Swain

Elsie Martin may lead a quiet life, but working in her beloved local library is enough to make her happy. After all, books have always been her armour against the world. So when the library is threatened with closure to make way for a new housing development, Elsie knows it has to be saved – and that, despite being painfully shy, she needs to lead the campaign to save it.
Jacob Yardley thinks he’s doing the right thing by building a new affordable housing development. Why shouldn’t local people be able to buy a house in the place they grew up? Having to leave his own small hometown broke his heart. Plus, people don’t really use libraries anymore, do they?
As Elsie and Jacob clash over the future of the library, sparks begin to fly. Jacob is falling back in love with books and libraries – could he possibly be falling for her too? And will Elsie be able to save the library that means so much to her?

The review:

Any book which features a library will no doubt grab any of us book lovers out there, I don’t know about you, but for me the library was the starting point for my love of books, and my library card was a laminated little source of pride- I had somewhere to belong to, where the people behind the counter nodded to me as I walked in, then chatted about my choices as they scanned them out.

The library on Cherry Lane brought this feeling of home and belonging to the locals too, sounding like a slightly busier version, with the local group meet up going on, but no less warm than ours. I nodded appreciatively at the goings on and descriptions, and swooned for our lead, Elsie, who was one in a cast that was, without doubt, the most worthy of being cast on the big screen I’ve found for some time.

Put with the premise, that of saving the library when developers came in to knock it down, the action added to the cinematic feel, helped by Jacob, a man who needed to prove his worth to his building tycoon dad.

This book had it all and then oodles more! It was warm, bright, vivid, vibrant, funny and gorgeous, everything you need from a feel good read. This is definitely going to be a contender for book of the year! Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for the book in return for an honest review.



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