The Family Holiday by Shalini Boland #Netgalley #BookReview #Thriller

What they say:

Two families. One house swap. A vacation to die for.

The white-washed Italian villa is perfect. I thought it might feel odd, living in a stranger’s house for the summer, but as my husband and children swim in the infinity pool, I start to relax. And then, in the back of a wardrobe, I find a photograph that shatters everything…

Sparkling green eyes, square jaw, lopsided smile. A young man with his arm around a beautiful woman. The picture is old and faded but I’d recognise him anywhere. The man is my husband.

But we’ve never met the family we’ve swapped homes with and my husband swears it isn’t him in the photo. He’s lying. We argue on the balcony with the sun setting behind us and I storm out.

When I finally calm down enough to go back to the villa to confront him, I find him sprawled across the veranda… dead.

Why would someone kill my husband? Am I in danger? And how well did I really know the man I married?

The review: I know I start every review with a ‘what they say’, aka the blurb, but this is one time I’ll tell you it’s better not reading anything.

I loved this, the story of a family, the Kildares, who decide that for a holiday they’ll swap with a family from a different country. The country is Italy and so we meet Amber, a lady who lives a charmed life with her lovely Italian husband.

How I loved this book!! It was a classic slow burn, but with some great ‘mike drop’ moments, where you suddenly, and I mean brilliantly out of the blue, got hit over the head with how one of the characters was playing the role of someone a lot friendlier than they seemed. The second half of the book was almost like those satisfying clicking rollarcoasters, gathering momentum and building your intrigue as to what was to come. I’ll admit the pacing was up and down in places, partly due to the blurb which insinuates the book going a certain way, but, to be honest I was so invested and enjoyed it so much that I didn’t care. There is a twist of course, which will divide some, personally I loved it!

What else can I say … very much recommended and thanks so (so so!) much to Bookouture and Netgalley for the book in return for an honest review.

Rating: 5/5


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