The Love Experiment by Kitty Wilson #miniReview @Kittywilson23

What they say:

He can’t date, she doesn’t date…but what happens when they fall in love?

A heartfelt romance that isn’t afraid to tackle serious issues for fans of Ali Hazelwood, Colleen Hoover and all the best ‘Tiktok made me buy it books’!

Dr Lily Galbraith solves her city’s love problems with wisdom and wit every week on her widely popular Love Doctor podcast, but her own approach to romance centres on one goal: staying single. So when a meet-cute in the sauna brings gorgeous Jay Hooper into her life she knows she needs to run the other way.

Having just agreed to a bet with his sister that he’ll stop dating and searching for ‘Mrs Right’ for at least six months, Jay tries to ignore the attraction he feels for Lily, which is only intensified when they find themselves working together.

He can’t date, and she doesn’t date…but then again, rules are made to be broken, aren’t they?

T/w: mention of past violence and abuse, PCOS

The review: This is the story of two people who, for totally different reasons,are not looking for love.

Dr lily Galbraith, someone who needs order and control in terms of keeping herself perfect, has plenty of issues, both past and present, that do not lend themselves to love. As you will see from the blurb there’s trigger warnings aplenty as we find out about a tough past that means this book has one or two tough moments, one in particular that played an uncomfortable image in my head. The psychology is explained to us and makes for a book that properly held my attention.

Then there’s Jay, who is trying to stop himself running down the path he wants, that of a full on relationship. He brings another heavy storyline- that of a sister who needs his help, one I really wanted to get resolved.

For all the heavy sides to this, there’s also the perfection of fantastic side characters, including Lily’s housemate, stunning romance and some great comedy, with perfect will they won’t they times.

All in all so informative and eye opening, and a different kind of read for the summer, so not light but still superb even for those used to easy reads. Thanks so much to the publisher for the book in return for an honest review.



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