#Bookreview Raindrops on the Umbrella Cafe by Jodie Homer @umbrellacafe

What they say: The man of your dreams is one umbrella away.

On inheriting her uncle’s beloved Umbrella Café, Sarah packs up and leaves the busy city of Birmingham for her childhood seaside village of Cobble-Heath.

Discovering life at the Umbrella Café is not as idyllic as it was when she was a child. Sarah has to contend with getting to grips with managing a café, accepting her two childhood best friends falling in love and a handsome Australian stranger who has come for the summer. Throw in a family secret with an unexpected arrival and Sarah’s life is turned upside down.

Can Sarah keep the cracks in her life sealed up or will she be the next thing to crack up?

The Review: In the same way I always sit up and take notice when I hear a blogger has written a book, when I hear an avid reader, and especially one who’s actual books read are the perfect to be read list for any avid romance/chick lit reader! To add to this Ms. Homer is positive and so supportive to authors in real life. So, had to be done!!

I beyond enjoyed this book- people talk about light reads and this was one that I totally warmed to, settling into the easy narration style very quickly. It is quirky and unusual, with oodles of coziness as Sarah wonders whether she can run a cafe left to her by her uncle. Her mother has never been there for her and didn’t believe in her ability and so Sarah has to find it within herself to push forward. I loved the side characters in this, and the lovely moments of warmth. I read quickly, smiling and nodding in places and overall beyond appreciated. Innocent, quirky, cute and fun!



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