#Bookreview Friendships Begin in Tenerife by Ian Wilfred @Ianwilfred39

What they say: ELENA was leaving Lanzarote and heading to Tenerife after having been promoted to her dream job. Her life was complete, or so she thought.

VERONICA knew her life had to change after losing her husband of 50 years. She needed to carve out a new life for herself, and with a little help from her grandson Mikey, their lives were about to change forever.

FAYNA was off to visit her daughter Elena in Tenerife, the island she should have never left all those years ago.

KARINA was happy with her life, but would she be able to cope with a wonderful opportunity which comes her way? 

CARLOS and SALVA are brothers who differ in many ways. However, there is something they both want, but will either succeed in getting it?

Friendships Begin in Tenerife containing secrets, romance and new beginnings, but above all it’s all about friendships

The Review: This was a book I clung to when I was absolutely so tired and feeling quite blue. I chose it not only because of the lovely author, who is so good to everyone on social media, but also because who could ignore a cover and blurb about friendships in Tenerife? Doesn’t it just scream ‘feel good?’

In this book we meet a lot of characters ready for a change. All stood out for me in different ways, but if I’m honest a storyline where a family didn’t want a character to leave because they wanted her house set me off so much and I was willing her over to Tenerife! The book was like that all round- characters I was cheering on and hoping against hope for, drama I sat up for, and loveliness that put me at ease every time I picked up my Kindle.

All in all a book I honestly can’t recommend enough- innocent, feel good, warm and so so enjoyable!



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