A Magical Christmas on the Isle of Skye by Jodie Homer @umbrellacafe

What they say: It takes a village to fall in love.

Set in Scotland, on the Isle of Skye, we meet Harry and Emilia, who have always been best friends, well, until they complicated everything by sleeping together.
Drunk and alone on New Year’s Eve, Emilia phones up the TV’s psychic and spills out all of her sorrows.
When her friends propose to stay in a cabin in the middle of nowhere for Christmas, Emilia jumps at the chance, but the atmosphere quickly dampens when Harry announces his girlfriend will be joining them. What will happen to Harry and Emilia’s relationship when they discover the island is full of old myths and a time loop they just can’t escape from?

The Review: Given that I’m starting to see people signing off all Christmas reads now I thought it was the perfect time to review one of my favourite favourite books this year.

The Review: When I heard Jodi Homer had another book coming out I was so excited! The first book, which was set at the wonderful umbrella café, was so beautiful and unique and had me gobbling it up. So when I heard that not only has she done a Christmas book but that there was also something a little bit magical about it I jumped straight in there!

This, as the blurb says, is the story of Amelia and Harry who are best friends. As with most relationships there is a point when there is a question of whether there could be something more and this is where we are as we hit the awkwardness of Harry bringing his new somewhat entitled girlfriend to a group Christmas stay-over and everything being turned on it’s head but with an added road block- the same day is now repeating itself over and over!

This book had it all- set on the stunning Isle of Skye, the Christmassy vibes were wonderful, the group of friends vibrant enough to pull you in with them, and of course the will they, won’t they and where will it stop! vibes!

Cheeky and cheery, warm, fun, lovely and fantastically magical (I mean, come on, actual magic in a Christmas book?! How perfect is that?!) with the perfect rom com moments- this is one that is now being considered as one of my best Christmas reads ever!! Totally recommended to finish up your Christmas/New Year hols!!

Rating 5/5


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