A Colorful Country Escape by Anita Faulkner @anita_faulkner_ @booksSphere #Bookreview


When vibrant but penniless Lexie is dumped by her posh boyfriend who is looking for a more financially suitable match, she decides to pack up her beloved orange campervan Penny in search of a new path. Stumbling upon a vacancy at a family-run paint company in the Cotswolds, Lexie believes she’s found her perfect match . . .

Lexie arrives at Nutgrass Hall, home of Carrington Paints, but it seems that owner Benedict Carrington is less than impressed with her arrival, and Lexie realises she’ll have her work cut out for her if she’s to convince stuffy “Beige Ben” to trust her with rescuing his out-of-touch business. But Ben has more on his mind than just the company – his mother is determined to find him a suitable wife worthy of carrying the Carrington family name, or she’ll take the business from him.

As Lexie sets to work on injecting some life colour into Carrington Paints, Ben allows himself to be set up with Tewkesbury’s finest ladies. But the more time the pair spend together, the more they realise their feelings for each other aren’t so black and white. Will Lexie be able to brighten into Ben’s colourless world before it’s too late?

Let yourself be whisked away with A Colourful Country Escape and fall in love with the cosy Cotswold charm, the colourful characters and some heart-stopping romance. Perfect for fans of Heidi Swain, Jo Thomas and Bella Osborne.

‘I absolutely adored this book. Fresh, funny and upbeat, A Colourful Country Escape is rom-com perfection!’ KITTY WILSON

The Review:
They say never meet your heroes. Well, I might add that it is truly terrifying to read books from your heroes too- in this case the sparkling force of nature that is Anita Faulkner, leader of the Chick Lit and Prosecco Facebook Group, one of the most supportive and fun places on the internet!

I needn’t have worried of course!! From the first sentence I was smiling and invested one hundred percent into the vibrant and vivid tale of Lexie, who had bad luck knocking her over from the get-go. My eyes widened at her boyfriend’s absolute audacity in a particularly standout scene and I willed her on, getting excited at an interview process that arose.

Nutgrass Hall, the characters that accompanied it and Lexie, the beautiful settings and spell binding descriptions all made for a cinematic experience that would pull me to any screen. The humour was bang on, the romance so lovely, and the book had enough fab characters to have me whisper the word ’sequel’! All in all, so up my street and beyond beyond recommended. Thanks so much to the publisher and Netgalley for the book in return for an honest review.

Rating: 5/5


#Coverreveal #holiday A Wedding in Tuscany by Sandy Barker Book 5 #holidayromance series @sandybarker @0neMoreChapter_

I came across Sandy Barker’s books a few years ago when I heard about how she is one of the best authors at describing fantastic settings and gorgeous romance. Understatement of the decade!!! I can guarantee instant transportation, taking you on that foreign holiday you so deserve! But I digress. Time for a reveal ..

What they say: Reunite with your favourite characters from The Holiday Romance series as they gather together for love, laughter and a party they’ll never forget

The Parsons sisters are all loved up.

Sarah has everything she ever wished for; she lives with her gorgeous boyfriend and their cat in Sydney and life couldn’t be better. If only she wasn’t so anxious about turning the big 4 0.

Meanwhile Cat is happily loved up with Jean-Luc, except she lives in London, and he lives in Paris. She loves their long-distance relationship so why is she worrying about their future.

But a surprise wedding proposal is about to change everything for these sisters. And with all their family and friends gathering at a vineyard in Tuscany to celebrate, love, laughter and mayhem are about to ensue.

Readers have fallen in love with The Holiday Romance series…

‘A fun read with lots of laughs, love and sizzles’ Ritu, NetGalley

‘The dose of escapism that I didn’t know I needed’ Andrea, NetGalley

‘The perfect getaway . . . it made me daydream’ Denise, NetGalley

‘A beautiful story’ Rosamond, NetGalley

‘A fun, feel-good read’ Nikki, NetGalley

‘Perfect vacation vibes . . . if you’re looking for a book to steal your heart, this is the book for you’ Camilla, NetGalley

And now, time for the cover. (Sighs contentedly…)

Bk 5 in the #HolidayRomance series is out June 17!
Join Cat, Sarah & your faves from the series.
The adventure of a lifetime is about to begin!


About the author

I’m a writer, traveller and hopeful romantic with a lengthy bucket list. I love exploring new places, outdoor adventures, and eating and drinking like a local when I travel, and many of my travel adventures have found homes in my novels. I’m also an avid reader, a film buff, a wine lover and a coffee snob. My first novel, a romantic comedy set in Greece and inspired by my real-life love story, was published in June 2019 by One More Chapter (HarperCollins). In 2020, two follow-ups in the Holiday Romance series hit the shelves: That Night in Paris and A Sunset in Sydney. My novel, The Christmas Swap, is a stand-alone inspired by some of my own Christmas adventures, and coming soon is a stand-alone romcom set in the world of Reality Television. This will be followed up by books 4 and 5 in the Holiday Romance series, and I am currently co-writing a contemporary thriller with Fiona Leitch. I am represented by Lina Langlee of The North Literary Agency.

So there we go (gazes at cover …) Definitely one to watch, and out june 17! I’ve preordered mine!!

The Family Holiday by Shalini Boland #Netgalley #BookReview #Thriller

What they say:

Two families. One house swap. A vacation to die for.

The white-washed Italian villa is perfect. I thought it might feel odd, living in a stranger’s house for the summer, but as my husband and children swim in the infinity pool, I start to relax. And then, in the back of a wardrobe, I find a photograph that shatters everything…

Sparkling green eyes, square jaw, lopsided smile. A young man with his arm around a beautiful woman. The picture is old and faded but I’d recognise him anywhere. The man is my husband.

But we’ve never met the family we’ve swapped homes with and my husband swears it isn’t him in the photo. He’s lying. We argue on the balcony with the sun setting behind us and I storm out.

When I finally calm down enough to go back to the villa to confront him, I find him sprawled across the veranda… dead.

Why would someone kill my husband? Am I in danger? And how well did I really know the man I married?

The review: I know I start every review with a ‘what they say’, aka the blurb, but this is one time I’ll tell you it’s better not reading anything.

I loved this, the story of a family, the Kildares, who decide that for a holiday they’ll swap with a family from a different country. The country is Italy and so we meet Amber, a lady who lives a charmed life with her lovely Italian husband.

How I loved this book!! It was a classic slow burn, but with some great ‘mike drop’ moments, where you suddenly, and I mean brilliantly out of the blue, got hit over the head with how one of the characters was playing the role of someone a lot friendlier than they seemed. The second half of the book was almost like those satisfying clicking rollarcoasters, gathering momentum and building your intrigue as to what was to come. I’ll admit the pacing was up and down in places, partly due to the blurb which insinuates the book going a certain way, but, to be honest I was so invested and enjoyed it so much that I didn’t care. There is a twist of course, which will divide some, personally I loved it!

What else can I say … very much recommended and thanks so (so so!) much to Bookouture and Netgalley for the book in return for an honest review.

Rating: 5/5

#BookReview The Little Library on Cherry Lane by Katie Ginger @KatieGAuthor

What they say: The heart-warming new novel from the author of The Secrets of Meadow Farmhouse and The Perfect Christmas Gift. The ideal next read for fans of Cathy Bramley, Rachael Lucas and Heidi Swain

Elsie Martin may lead a quiet life, but working in her beloved local library is enough to make her happy. After all, books have always been her armour against the world. So when the library is threatened with closure to make way for a new housing development, Elsie knows it has to be saved – and that, despite being painfully shy, she needs to lead the campaign to save it.
Jacob Yardley thinks he’s doing the right thing by building a new affordable housing development. Why shouldn’t local people be able to buy a house in the place they grew up? Having to leave his own small hometown broke his heart. Plus, people don’t really use libraries anymore, do they?
As Elsie and Jacob clash over the future of the library, sparks begin to fly. Jacob is falling back in love with books and libraries – could he possibly be falling for her too? And will Elsie be able to save the library that means so much to her?

The review:

Any book which features a library will no doubt grab any of us book lovers out there, I don’t know about you, but for me the library was the starting point for my love of books, and my library card was a laminated little source of pride- I had somewhere to belong to, where the people behind the counter nodded to me as I walked in, then chatted about my choices as they scanned them out.

The library on Cherry Lane brought this feeling of home and belonging to the locals too, sounding like a slightly busier version, with the local group meet up going on, but no less warm than ours. I nodded appreciatively at the goings on and descriptions, and swooned for our lead, Elsie, who was one in a cast that was, without doubt, the most worthy of being cast on the big screen I’ve found for some time.

Put with the premise, that of saving the library when developers came in to knock it down, the action added to the cinematic feel, helped by Jacob, a man who needed to prove his worth to his building tycoon dad.

This book had it all and then oodles more! It was warm, bright, vivid, vibrant, funny and gorgeous, everything you need from a feel good read. This is definitely going to be a contender for book of the year! Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for the book in return for an honest review.


#Bookreview The Couple Upstairs by Shalini Boland

I should never have become friends with the couple upstairs…

The first time I step inside this cosy apartment with its sash windows, just minutes from the sea, I think it would be the perfect place for me and my partner Zac to start againA chance to leave our troubled past behind.

Chris and Vanessa, the couple upstairs, are so welcoming: smiles, flowers, a home-baked cake. It’s strange how he does all the talking, and she seems so shy, but I’m just thrilled to have new friends nearby.

But everything starts to go wrong… my business begins to crumble, I can’t ignore the whispers at our housewarming party and loud arguments from upstairs keep me awake at night. I can’t sleep, I can’t think straight and I feel like someone is watching me in my own home.

And then Zac comes home one afternoon, his face clenched with fury, and says he knows what’s going on. He knows about my secret…

He won’t listen to me. He storms out and I’m left in tears, completely devastated.

Why has my life fallen apart since we moved here? Am I going mad? Or is someone trying to destroy us?

If only I’d known what I know now.
If only I hadn’t trusted the couple upstairs.

The review: I’m always excited when I find a thriller that gets people talking, and I had heard a bit about this, the story of Nina, who has just moved into a house divided up into apartments. Nina has everything going for her with a fledgling business and her boyfriend Zac. I’ll admit this was a hugely slow burner for me and so would be perfect for someone new to thrillers. The presence of so many unlikeable characters helped in adding to tension and having me speed up to see what would happen. All in all it was enjoyable but not totally for me. Thanks so much to the publisher and Netgalley for the book in return for an honest review.

Rating: 3/5

#Bookreview Ouija by Zoe Lee O’ Farrell @zooloo2008

What they say:

The only thing for certain is the deaths were no accident.

Rayner High School once a prestigious school stands in ruins after such a terrible event.

A year later, a group of friends return to the abandoned school and their nightmare begins.

Something wants to get out and won’t take NO for an answer…

Ouija is Book 2 in a new series brought to you by Question Mark Horror. For fans of Point Horror, Christopher Pike & Nicholas Pine.

Check out Book 1 – Camp Death by Jim Ody

The Review: There are a number of things that send me straight to a book. The first is when you know someone who is a prolific book blogger/ reviewer/ avid reader has written a book, the next is when you know they share similar tastes to you, and then you hear that the aim of their new book is to cater for people who are a fan of a certain series of books; a series that you absolutely lived for. This book was going to tick all of these boxes!

When I was a teenager I lived for Point Horror books. I hounded the librarian for them, bought them with any spare money I had, asked for presents of them until I had a pretty impressive collection (I thought all of them but now I think of it possibly not!) Fast forward to now, and when I hear there is a new series that aims to cater for this generation I jumped to review, even though I was a little terrified because, hello, it’s Zoe from Zooloo’s book tours, and what if you don’t like her book?

I needn’t have worried, this book did indeed transport me back to my teenage years, in absolute cinematic form, as I followed a group who were about to face something big, in a high school (jumps about excitedly!). There were surprises and shocks and some nice little nods to what shouldn’t be done in these situations, as well as trying to figure out what was going to happen. The twist had me remembering what the genre was, as I literally thought ‘no, no, that can’t have happened’ then remembered anything goes really! The characters were fab and I was totally with them in the school which was the perfect setting. Beyond recommended and one I’ll be handing over to my thirteen nearly fourteen year old to try!

Definitely achieved what it set out to and a series I’ll be pressing on so many people! Fantastic!

Rating: 5/5

#BookReview The Abandoned House by Karen Hollis @KarenLNHollis

What they say: Rebecca is at the lowest point of her life and nowhere near where she had expected to be as she approaches her 41st birthday. So when her friend Max rings her up to tell her about their small group of urban explorers, Rebecca is eager to know more. He takes her to look round The Grand House in Tileby, Lincolnshire – an abandoned house where the former owners’ furniture and possessions are still present.

While Max is interested in photographing the house for his upcoming exhibition, Rebecca feels something else is happening which only she can see and hear. It seems the house has secrets to tell. Will Rebecca be the one to hear them?

The Review: I first came across the author, the lovely Karen Hollis, in a chick lit group and was intrigued that she had this, a horror book, out. I intended to read at Halloween, but then we had KindleGate (as I said before, the very dramatic name for me going without a Kindle;))

The Abandoned House is a dramatic, atmospheric read about Rebecca, who is feeling like her life let her down. I flew this novella, taken in by the story as Rebecca hears music in an old abandoned house, music that reminds her of her own aspirations when she was younger. Although innocent and easy going in places, there is also moments where this book can be a tough read as we find out what happened to the people in the house and I realised I’d forgotten what it was like to read horror! I enjoyed and would recommend for someone who would like to dabble in gothic type horror.

Rating: 4/5

Everything is Yours @AbigailYardimci (Life Is Yours Trilogy #3) #blogtour

What they say: A sassy, soulful novel about love, courage and the power of forgiveness (Life Is Yours Trilogy #3)
New Year’s Eve is in full swing. Jess and Lindy have met by chance and already they’re sharing a bottle of wine in a cosy Turkish restaurant. Lindy is hooked on a story Jess is telling, but midnight is coming and happy endings aren’t always guaranteed . . .

After Jess returns from the trip of a lifetime high on hope, ambition and new love, she’s ready to take on the world. She shuts down her business, cuts ties with her ex and announces to everyone the old her is gone.

But a violent encounter rocks her world and her past comes crashing back to haunt her. With a childhood demon to forgive, a long-distance relationship to navigate and that final layer of self-love to uncover, can Jess dig deep and put the final pieces in place before midnight comes knocking?

Everything Is Yours is the third and final book in the uplifting and inspirational Life Is Yours Trilogy.

If you enjoy heart-warming fiction with real soul, a touch of sass and a lot of adventure then you’ll love this book in Abigail Yardimci’s page-turning trilogy.

Buy Everything Is Yours to read Jess’s latest adventure today!

The Review: You’ll remember I gushed about Abi Yardimci’s first book, which I said was perfect for fans of Eat, pray, love, and which I declared to be so beautiful and mesmerising. Well, here and now, at book 3 of the series, I am in the same place, albeit after having gone through a wider rollercoaster of emotions.

Let me explain. So we return to meet Jess who is now firmly back on home territory, and who has decided to properly live, which means giving up something huge she had been a part of. I felt for her, in particular with the backlash she came up against, making me despise some of the people who I found didn’t think about others. All of this made me feel so much for Jess, who had to face childhood memories which again hit me with a force as I tutted over the people who failed to protect her. This made my heart fill with the beauty, the love, the journey that also took place, which made it a standout book I was honoured to read. If you are looking to be absolutely transported away this is a read yhat will stay with you! Thanks so much to the author for the book in return for an honest review and for allowing me to be part of the blog tour.


About the author

Abigail Yardimci is an author of feel-good contemporary fiction with a little bit of romance and a whole lot of soul. She enjoys creating down-to-earth characters and scratching the surface of her own everyday life to find the underlying magic that connects us all. Abigail is a Geordie girl living by the sea in Devon with her Turkish husband and two terrifying kids. She gets her kicks through mindful parenting styles, creative living and chocolate 




#Publicationday #BookReview In This Foreign Land by Suzie Hull @SuzieHull1 @books_dash

What they say:

‘I beg of you this one thing – that if I should perish here, in this foreign land, that you will look after her.’

March, 1914.
When talented artist Isobel embarks on a journey to Egypt, it’s to reunite her best friend Alice with her husband, Wilfred – and to use the stunning sights of Cairo as inspiration for her own paintings.

A whirlwind romance was the last thing she expected, but when Isobel meets Wilfred’s handsome brother, Edward, neither can deny the strong connection between them – especially when unexpected tragedy strikes, leaving them all reeling.

Just as they get to grips with their grief, WW1 erupts, and the lovers are forced to separate. They promise to meet again in London. But when Edward is listed as ‘missing – presumed dead’ only weeks after landing in France, Isobel is devastated, unmarried and on the brink of ruin. She has only one way to save her honour… but it means betraying the love she holds so dear.

A heartrending and thrilling WW1 romance, In This Foreign Land is the stunning new debut from Suzie Hull, for fans of Kate Hewitt, Shirley Dickson and Kate Eastham.

The Review: We always begin these reviews by stating that I actually don’t read this genre a lot. There’s times I feel like I’m doing the author a disservice by saying this- as if telling their audience I can’t really judge the book. This is even more apparent in cases like this, where I adore a book so much and think about it for so long after reading! I read and devoured this book in small chunks as I wanted to truly savour it, knowing that from the off I was all in for the story of vibrant character Isobel, who is very much restrained by the norms of the time she’s living in. I fell for Isobel straight away and rooted for the journey she went on, including a physical journey that was so tangible it truly transported me away. I adored this book- the settings, the attention to vivid detail, the gorgeous romance. Very much recommended and one I’ll be shouting about! Thanks to the publisher for this book in return for an honest review. Rating: 5/5

Amazon  https://bit.ly/shfland 

 Kobo  https://bit.ly/2YKpo5p

About the author

Suzie Hull lives in Northern Ireland with her family and numerous rescue cats. She originally dreamt of being a ballet dancer, but instead trained as a Montessori Nursery teacher and has spent the last thirty years working with children. She has always had an enduring passion for history and books and since she came from a long line of creative women it was only a matter of time before she turned to writing her own. A member of the RNA, In This Foreign Land is her debut novel.

Connect with Suzie on social media:

Twitter @SuzieHull1  Insta @suziehull1  FB @suzie.hull.author

The Woman Who Felt Invisible #Excerpt @Lizzie_Chantree

There are some people you jump to when you hear they’ve a new book and Lizzie Chantree, author of some fab books (have read Babe Driven, Finding Gina and Ssh, It’s Our Secret) who has a great book group on Facebook and is always so helpful with her tips and advice, is one. I’m afraid I haven’t read it due to Kindlegate (dramatic name for me no longer having a kIndle;)), but it sounds and looks brilliant

What they say: The woman who felt invisible. 

An exciting, romantic story of love and new beginnings. Learning to love herself and be content on her own is the first step. But will Olivia be able to leave her past behind, follow her heart and find lasting happiness? A read full of humour, romance and tear-jerking reality, from international bestselling author, Lizzie Chantree. 

Have you ever felt invisible? 

Working as a stationery supervisor and a sitter to a pair of internet famous, delinquent dogs, wasn’t how former cyber-specialist, Olivia, imagined her life turning out. 

Working in a tiny cubicle with a decrepit computer and being overlooked had suited her for a while, but now she’s fed up, lonely and determined to make the world ‘see’ her again. 

Old school friend, Darius, wants to fill Olivia’s days with romance, but their love of technology has taken them on very different paths. 

Gorgeous undercover policeman Gabe, is steadfast in finding out if Olivia was part of an online scam, but something doesn’t feel right and he suspects someone else was manipulating her life. 

Can love blossom from the most deceptive of starts? And can someone who feels lost, find a way to flourish against all odds?

The Excerpt:

This was it. This was Olivia Tenby’s life, now. This was how low she had come. At the age of forty-one, she was sweating her guts out in a house that felt like a furnace, babysitting two delinquent Labradoodle dogs called Bertie and Belle, while their owners swanned around getting even richer somewhere else. Wiping her palms across her face, feeling glad she’d discarded her top so that she couldn’t drip on it, she pressed a button. Music blared out of speakers set into the ceiling. This house had everything – lights that came on when you spoke to them, a vacuum cleaner that tripped you over while it scurried along the floor of its own accord, and a fridge that dispensed perfectly shaped ice cubes into crystal glasses. 

Olivia looked around furtively for a moment, and then laughed and decided to go for it. Her job as dog sitter extraordinaire had begun two weeks ago. She’d been told to entertain the excitable animals in any way she could think of, as they were naughty and destroyed everything while the owners were out – which they always were. Olivia hadn’t even met them, which was baffling. They left her notes with instructions on how to stop the dogs eating the walls and making a mess of the thick pile carpets. She actually quite liked the job, it was as easy as walking in a straight line. Then she thought about how wobbly she always was after three vodka and cokes, and quickly pushed that picture aside. The dogs were bored and, although her job included giving the house a cursory swipe with a duster, it was always immaculate when she arrived. Something was a bit weird, though, as the place was incredibly hot. The dogs liked to slobber all over her, making her even hotter. So she’d taken to stripping off as soon as she sat down with the pooches, otherwise she’d probably pass out and be found weeks later, mummified in dog hair.

About the author

International bestselling author and award-winning inventor, Lizzie Chantree, started her own business at the age of 18 and became one of Fair Play London and The Patent Office’s British Female Inventors of the Year in 2000. She discovered her love of writing fiction when her children were little and now works as a business mentor and runs a popular networking hour on social media, where creatives can support to each other. She writes books full of friendship and laughter, that are about women with unusual and adventurous businesses, who are far stronger than they realise. She lives with her family on the coast in Essex. Visit her website at www.lizziechantree.com or follow her on Twitter @Lizzie_Chantree

Short bio: 

International bestselling author Lizzie Chantree, started her own business at the age of 18 and became one of Fair Play London and The Patent Office’s British Female Inventors of the Year. She writes books full of friendship and laughter, about women with unusual businesses, who are stronger than they realise. 


Universal book buy link: The little ice cream shop

Universal book buy link: Networking for writers

Universal book buy link: If you love me, I’m yours

Universal book buy link: Ninja School Mum

Universal book buy link: Babe Driven: http://viewbook.at/BabeDriven

Universal book buy link: Love’s Child

Universal book buy link: Finding Gina

Universal book buy link: Shh… It’s Our Secret

Universal book buy link: The woman who felt invisible

Social media links

Website: www.lizziechantree.com

Author page: https://www.viewAuthor.at/LizzieChantree

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Lizzie_Chantree 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LizzieChantree/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7391757.Lizzie_Chantree

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lizzie_chantree/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/LizzieChantree/pins/

FB Groups: https://www.facebook.com/groups/647115202160536/

BookBub: https://www.bookbub.com/profile/lizzie-chantree

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/lizziechantreeauthor

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnCop-RlAcGqggZG3JfE-Mw