The Chance of A lifetime by Kendra Smith #BlogTour #BookReview @ariafiction @Kendraauthor

Second blog tour of the day and thanks so much to Vicky from Aria for allowing me to be part of it. Without further ado … The Chance of a Lifetime by Kendra Smith!


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What they say:

A new life down under? It’s not as perfect as you’d think.

Katie and Tom’s marriage is in trouble. As is their bank account. So, when Tom tells Katie

that they need to talk, she knows it must be about one of two things, and neither are good.

But when he blindsides her saying that his boss is sending him to Australia

permanently Katie realises it might just be what they need to save their marriage.

Trouble is, she doesn’t like the heat, can’t swim and hates spiders. Not to mention the bouts of homesickness and Tom’s endless business trips. Katie is finding the hope of saving their marriage slowly slipping through her fingers. But Katie is determined to take the bull by the horns and her Speedos by the strap and tackles her new life.

When all is said and done which side of the globe will she decide to call home?

‘An entertaining, fast moving, page turner for anyone dreaming of a new life’ Jane Corry,

best selling author of Her Dead Ex. Previously published as Jacaranda Wife

The Review: This is a book I absolutely jumped at because firstly: who doesn’t love Australia? (hint is in the blurb as to one person who doesn’t!), and secondly, I felt I had to find out what happens to Katie! So this is one of those stories where you totally feel for the lead character as they’re really dropped in it. Katie, who now has her dream kitchen and idyllic existence, is suddenly told that their financial issues are substantial and their only hope is to relocate to Australia for the ‘short term.’

The book very much flits between Katie being gung ho and ready to take it on (or at least make it to the end of the agreed amount of time) and totally struggling as she feels her life has been taken away and not really coping at all. Overall I liked Katie but there are times you can waiver in your opinion of her.

The characters are a mix of likeable and unlikable, with some awful people being all judgemental and brash and this knocked the book a bit at times, I couldn’t fathom how they could consider themselves friends. I also had a few issues in that I couldn’t figure out timelines and stuff, but I think that could be just me. The drama was excellent, with you being hit between the eyes constantly as new issues arose. There were some great little dashes of humour thrown in and I smiled a lot throughout too. All in all very enjoyable and recommended.

Thanks so much to Aria for the book in return for an honest review

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About the author


Kendra Smith has been a journalist, wife, mother, aerobics teacher, qualified diver and very bad cake baker. She started her career in Sydney selling advertising space but quickly made the leap to editorial and went on to work on several women’s magazines in both Sydney and London. With dual Australian-British nationality, she currently lives in Surrey with her husband and three children.

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#BlogTour #BookReview There’s Something About a Cowboy by Rich Amooi @rararesources @RichAmooi

Prepare yourselves everyone, it’s my stop on this gem of a book ‘There’s something about a Cowboy’ by the brilliant Rich Amooi! (Whoop whoop!!)

there's something about a cowboy

there's something about a cowboy ebook

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What they say:

Rule #1: No Dating Cowboys.

A fake fiancé doesn’t count, right? Oh boy . . .

Amy Weaver is tired of her dad meddling in her love life. Fed up, she hires an actor to play the part of her fake cowboy fiancé when she goes home for her grandpa’s ninetieth birthday. Sure, Luke Jenkins has got looks, charm, and muscular legs, but this is business, pure and simple. Things are fine and dandy until she finds out he’s a real cowboy, not an actor. Now, she’s stuck between a rock and his chiseled jawline, falling faster than a sack of horseshoes. How the heck is Amy supposed to ignore the sparks between them and stick to her rule of not dating cowboys? All bets are off.

The Review: Oh my wow. What. A. Book! K. Okay. Starting now.

So maybe you’ve heard of a film called The Wedding Date? It’s got Debra Messing in it and Dermot Mulroney (I never knew his name, he’s the guy from My Best Friend’s Wedding and a billion other films, that simply had to do that smoulder look and you’d be absolute putty!) Well that is what this reminds me of, in the best, non cliched, but sometimes cliched, but only when done perfectly, and only ever when it’s warranted (run, run for your lives, I’m not done gushing yet!!!).

So where was I? Oh yes. We meet Amy being dragged by her much younger, full of life and ready-to-have-fun niece into a club that of course has a bucking bronco in it. Amy, in all her drunkenness finds herself in the middle of a dare with the lovely, gorgeous Luke Jenkins (seriously, wow in every way), who is not looking for love by the way. Fireworks ensue!!!

When Amy then gets invited to her grandfather’s birthday (him and the grandmother are comic Gold!), she balks, knowing her dad has plans to (re)set her up with someone he deems suitable, her ex fiancé. A few misunderstandings later and she’s propositioning Luke, offering him money to come and stay for the few days (hence the correlation with The Wedding Date)  and pretend to be her (new) fiancé. And so begins a bit of a war between old and new fiance,  Dad and grandparents and all in between, with of course our leads constantly denying feelings for each other.

I adored this book. The romance was beautiful, the comedy epic, the vividness of the settings and scenes perfection. Very much my type of read and very much recommended. Thanks so much to Rachel’s Random Resources for the book in return for an honest review and for allowing me to be on this fantastic blog tour.

About the author:

Rich Amooi -Author Photo

Fun, Quirky Romantic Comedies from a Guy’s Perspective. Rich Amooi is a former radio personality who now writes romantic comedies full-time. He is happily married to a kiss monster imported from Spain. Rich believes in public displays of affection, silliness, infinite possibilities, donuts, gratitude, laughter, and happily ever after.

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#BlogTour #GuestPost The Wrong Boy by Cathy Ace @annecater @AceCathy #TheWrongBoy

I’m thrilled to be part of The Wrong Boy blog tour so thanks to both Anne Cater from Random Things Tours and the author for this excellent guest post (really enjoyed this!!)

the wrong boy

What they say: Perched on a Welsh clifftop, the ancient, picturesque hamlet of Rhosddraig has its peaceful façade ripped apart when human remains are discovered under a pile of stones. The village pub, The Dragon’s Head, run by three generations of women, becomes the focal point for those interested in the grisly find, and it’s where layers of deceit are peeled away to expose old secrets, and deep wounds. The police need to establish who died, how, and why, but DI Evan Glover knows he can’t be involved in the investigation, because he’s just two days away from retirement. However, as the case develops in unexpected ways, it becomes irrevocably woven into his life, and the lives of local families, leading to disturbing revelations – and deadly consequences . . .

‘A clever plot with a web of intrigue and characters who stay with you.’

Jane Corry, author of the Sunday Times best-sellers ‘My Husband’s Wife’, ‘Blood Sisters’ and ‘The Dead Ex’.


Guest post:


Thanks for having me along today – much appreciated. Since I’m not at all well-known I dare say I could tell you almost anything about myself and it would be news to you – but I’ll try to be a bit more interesting than telling you what I eat for breakfast!

1. My birth name really is Ace! A lot of people think I made it up, but Ace is a surprisingly ‘popular’ surname in the Swansea area.

2. My parents wanted to name me ‘Fern’. Thank goodness they thought about the implications – given my surname. Why ‘Fern’? Something to do with outings they used to take to Cefn Bryn on the Gower peninsular, where there are a lot of ferns! I managed to weave a small thread about a courting couple in Gower into THE WRONG BOY – inspired by my mum and dad’s real-life excursions.

3. I wrote my first murderous short story in 1988 sitting in a car park just off Baker Street in London – possibly channeling Doyle/Holmes. It was my lunch break (I was selling printed self-adhesive labels at the time; Marks & Spencer was a client, and their HQ is on Baker Street) and the deadline was looming (it was the next day!) for a short story competition in ‘Company’ magazine I’d decided, months earlier, to enter. I hand-wrote the story, got a friend to type it up, and I handed it in at the magazine’s office an hour before the deadline. I was fortunate that it did, indeed, win the prize to be published in an anthology…and was then republished in another anthology which became part of the English Language O level syllabus for years. I took the next twenty years away from fiction writing to focus on my career, but it was having that same short story produced for BBC Radio 4 in 2007 that inspired me to start again.

4. THE WRONG BOY is my thirteenth published novel. At the moment I have no strong feelings about the number 13 – but I might develop some when the book’s been launched. (I’m hoping they’re positive ones!)

5. I was made a Freeman of the City of London in 2000, and became a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Marketors the same year. This means I’m able to vote for the Lord Mayor of London. As a Welshwoman I’m rather sad that the right of all Freemen to drive their sheep across London Bridge is no longer available, though the annual ‘ceremonial sheep drive’ is great fun!

6. The day I migrated to Canada from the UK, in 2000, I was wheeled into my ‘new country’ in a wheelchair – having slipped the morning of my flight, twisting my ankle very badly. The result was that I was seen first at the immigration desk and whisked through, but I wouldn’t recommend it as a ploy to anyone else; a ten hour flight with a swollen ankle isn’t fun.

7. Having lived in South London overlooking 16 lanes of traffic, I now enjoy the peace of my new home which is half way up a little mountain, and pretty much in the middle of nowhere. To a girl from the terraces of Swansea it still feels ‘exotic’. As I type this I am looking out of my window at three bald eagles soaring above the tall cedars, and we frequently have coyotes and bears in the garden. A long way from the odd fox or stray cat I was used to in Swansea and London! I love it – though the bear poop is quite something, and I can tell you from experience they much prefer to go in the middle of the driveway than ‘in the woods’ – more’s the pity.

8. I like to do my plotting when I do my weeding. We have five acres, and actively garden about three and half of them – which means a lot of planting, weeding, and pruning. The weeding is a great time to let my mind take flight and come up with dark and deadly deeds – the the flower beds benefit too.

9. My most productive writing hours are between 9pm and 2am. My most accurate editing hours are between 10am and 2pm. I really enjoy being awake when the house – and all its inhabitants – are asleep, and find I can do my best work when I’m not worrying about emails that need to be answered, or a Facebook feed that needs to be read, enjoyed and responded to.

10. In my Cait Morgan Mysteries I admit that Cait is very firmly based upon myself. In my WISE Enquiries Agency Mysteries I admit I know all five of the ‘lead’ women personally, though each of the characters in the books is a synthesis based upon at least two real friends/acquaintances. In THE WRONG BOY? I refuse to answer the question, on the grounds it might incriminate me.



Cathy Ace Author PictureThis is the 13th novel from Cathy Ace. Her criminal psychologist, overindulgent-foodie sleuth, Cait Morgan, has stumbled upon Corpses with a Silver Tongue, Golden Nose, Diamond Hand, Garnet Face, an Emerald Thumb, Platinum Hair and Ruby Lips during her globetrotting.

Ace’s WISE Enquiries Agency series features four softly-boiled female PIs who solve quintessentially British cases from their stately home-based office in rural Wales, where Cathy was born and raised.

Shortlisted for the Bony Blithe Award for Best Light Mystery by a Canadian three times in four years, winning in 2015, she was also shortlisted for the Arthur Ellis Award for Best Short Story in 2017.

Author website: (pop in for a visit, I really enjoyed it!)

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#BookReview Tell The Truth by Amanda Brittany


Length: 298 pages

Please note that the cover image leads to a universal Amazon buy link for the book

What they say:


Or they’ll tell it for you…

Rachel’s childhood is a mess of fragmented memories, and her adult life is no less chaotic.

Her mother and daughter were her only concrete links to the past and now they are slipping through her fingers. Fuelled by the fear of losing them both, she delves into her mother’s past, fast becoming entangled in her own tragic history.

With eerie friend requests filling Rachel’s phone and shocking flashbacks filling her mind, she is plagued by her mother’s past, and soon realises that her entire life might just be a lie.

Will she ever discover the truth?

From the bestselling author of HER LAST LIE comes a chilling new thriller you won’t want to miss! It will have you questioning your own relationships and doubting if everyone in your life is who they say they are.

Perfect for fans of The Girl on the Train and He Said / She Said.

The Review: I was very impressed by Her Last Lie (review here) by the same author and so I went into this one ready to enjoy. I will admit I had a few slight niggles but I really enjoyed it overall and will definitely be looking out this author again.

Now. I mention the niggles because we were introduced to them early on- to start with we have the voice of a murderer vaguely telling us about people they had killed. I’m sorry to everyone this annoys, but in general I don’t need this pov. I’m so sorry but I never need a murderer we know nothing about laughing at how/why they did what they did unless it adds something explosive to the story and in this case I found it unnecessary. I’m sorry, it’s probably totally just me and it’s probably just that I’ve read so many books with such an  unknown person  but just letting you know. The second was where we were introduced to Rachel, a mother of a little girl, Grace, getting over a relationship where the father of her child has left. She is a psychotherapist but I needed a lot more from her as a result of this, I wanted analysis, background, and I suppose more technicality but we didn’t get it. The last was the use of nursery rhymes(which I know can be creepy as hell!). Again, just being picky here but it didn’t work for me.

Moving onto everything that did-this book was a bit of a rollercoaster where Rachel gets a phone call on air from someone threatening her and begins to get beyond freaky friend requests! I know, yeeks, right? As you begin to join them together and figure them out you start to get a road map as to who this is leading to and yet you get surprise after surprise, almost huddling with Rachel as you wonder who she can trust. It is a book with many characters, a few povs and the story of a few people that interconnect to lead you to a climatic finish. Very enjoyable and sorry about the mini rant, I just felt it needed to be said!

#BlogTour #BookReview – Summer in the Orchard by Fay Keenan (@faykeenan) @Aria_fiction

Today I’m thrilled to be part of the blog tour for Summer In The Orchard by Fay Keenan!



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What they say:

Sophie Henderson loves her job at Carter’s Cider in the picturesque Somerset village of

Little Somerby, but with summer dawning before yet another picking and pressing season, and her boss David showing no signs of wanting to hang up his cider jug, perhaps it is time to move on.

She’s all set to hand in her notice when Alex Fraser, an intern from Vancouver, comes to

Little Somerby to learn everything he can about the cider business. With Sophie as his

mentor, attraction between them starts to grow alongside the apples.

For Alex, however, being in Little Somerby is about more than cider, and as the summer

grows warmer, and his relationship with Sophie blossoms, can he find the courage to tell herthe truth before it’s too late?

 Fay Keenan’s charming, funny and deliciously romantic Little Somerby novels are sure

to delight all fans of Jilly Cooper, Fern Britton and Katie Fforde.

‘Moving, funny, thoughtful and romantic. Bring on the next one!’ JENNY KANE

The Review: We meet Sophie Henderson as she faces her old school to talk about her job at Carter’s Cider. She is more than passionate about it, which actually was a nice surprise (people in books are rarely happy in their jobs don’t you know!) So then we were back at the actual cider plant (apologies if the terminology is incorrect!) and I was wondering who this new intern, Alex, that she had to help was. I was thrilled when we moved onto Alex’s pov (I know!!) and hoped that it would be would give us an insight as to why he was really there. (New intern my foot-he had a few too many nuggets of information, I knew there was something about him!)

I’ll admit there were people in this book that were a  bit over dramatic for me, but in general I enjoyed reading about Little Somerby. The romance is done very nicely and and there’s another side romance going on too. I haven’t read the first two books of this series and I’d think it could possibly help in introducing you to the locality, but all in all I enjoyed and would recommend for romance fans. Thanks so much to Aria for the book in return for an honest review and for allowing me to take part in the blog tour.

About the author


Fay Keenan was born in Surrey and raised in Hampshire, before finally settling back in the West Country. When Fay is not chasing her children around or writing, she teaches English at a local secondary school. She lives with her husband of fourteen years,

two daughters, a cat, two chickens and a Weimaraner called Bertie in a village in Somerset, which may or may not have provided the inspiration for Little Somerby.


Her website (which is lovely by the way!!)

Twitter: @faykeenan

Facebook: @faykeenanauthor

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Reader I married me by Sophie Tanner


Length: 336 pages

Please note that the cover image leads to a universal Amazon buy link for the book

What they say:Chloe Usher has just broken up with the love of her life. All her friends urge her to find another man before she disappears down the slippery slope to spinsterhood. After a particularly messy date and several gins, she decides that she doesn’t need an ‘other half’ to complete her and announces that she is going to marry herself. The news goes viral and, in the sober light of day, Chloe finds herself thrust firmly into the public eye to the embarrassment of her friends and family. Planning her wedding solo takes Chloe on a bumpy journey of self-discovery, as she realises why wish away your life waiting for ‘the one’ when YOU are, in fact, the one?

The review: I read this and then on looking at Netgalley realised with a sinking feeling that I was ahead of myself (rarely happens!) and this was months off being released. I then had two options. Wait, tapping my foot every time I looked in my draft folder or, … yup, I went for option b and released way before the book was even close to being on sale. Only thing was, when I went to Amazon it said that actually, I was totally wrong and here we are-it’s out already! Phew and yay!!!

So, this is the story of Chloe who works in a digital marketing agency called Top Banana in Brighton. From the get-go I knew that this was totally my type of book as her and we meet her and her colleagues as they get too acquainted with each other (she had to sit in a hot tub with them) on a team building exercise. There was that great mix of cringy over the top colleagues and friends you’re relieved she has to get her through a working day in an office that is all about being seen. Chloe’s work for me is actually as much the riveting part of this book. Of course the main part is that after a break up that gives her a shock, Chloe decides to do the honourable thing and marry herself to show how committed she is to, um, herself. I’ll admit I loved some of the sentiments and life lessons that were brought home to us through all of this, but it definitely didn’t hold my attention as much as her life outside all of this, with her work and her friends and family, that were a great mix of likeable and totally unlikable and downright selfish (yes as usual, I didn’t like a character I think we were meant to like and feel for, I was gutted when things took this turn but she brought it on herself(!)). The comedy was right up my street as were the characters that made me nod along and I definitely enjoyed this, and look forward to reading more from Sophie Tanner. Thanks to Trapeze and Netgalley for the book in return for an honest review.

The Not So Perfect Plan To Save Friendship House (now The Not So Happy Home For Ladies) by Lilly Bartlett

The Not So Perfect Plan US small

The cover image leads to a universal Amazon buy link for the book

What they say: Meet Phoebe, who’s 28, and Laney, Dot and Maggie, who are 68, 78, and none of your business. Together they’ll prove that age doesn’t matter when it comes to friendship, belonging and an unquenchable zest for life.

When Framlingham’s famously all-female retirement home goes co-ed, a war between the sexes is declared.

Stuck in the middle, chef Phoebe Stockton is desperate to help her friends plot to keep the community that means so much to them. It’s become her life raft, too. She finds comfort in her beloved career that might finally make her parents proud. But Phoebe’s darling Nick is lining up on the other side of the battle, and their relationship is suffering collateral damage.

The stakes couldn’t be higher. If the home’s owner can’t improve business by moving the men in, he’ll have to close down Friendship House.

The women aren’t about to let that happen. 

The Review: I have to apologise to the author, as this is a book that slipped through the cracks in 2018 and I suddenly realised recently I had read but not reviewed.  It is the story of Phoebe, who is chef at Friendship House, a retirement house laden with fans of its existance. When it’s decided to bring some men into the mix of a previously female residence, there is uproar. I have to admit I was trying to negotiate with some of the residents in my mind when I heard their issues, thinking ‘but it could be nice to have some men about!’

I didn’t always gel well with Phoebe, she was a bit negative at times, but I definitely enjoyed this easy going read, smiling and nodding with the humour and in particular some of the ladies that lived in the home, and some of the men too! The romance wasn’t for me and actually had this been straight up humour I’d have been happy out instead of rom com as I didn’t feel much for Nick, but saying that it was a book I read easily over a night in front of the fire, and enjoyed.

So very enjoyable and thanks so much to the author for the book in return for an honest review.